I Practice In The World Today

Made the scene
Week to week
Day to day
Hour to hour
The gate is straight
Deep and wide
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side

The DoorsBreak On Through (To The Other Side)

Step 63 of Steps to Knowledge is another review step, reviewing Steps 57 through 62.  What do these steps have in common?  They all have hourly practice.

There is a point to having a week’s worth of hourly practice.  I am not just a student, I am a practitioner.  Practice isn’t just something I do one time, then go back to my everyday interpretation of myself.  Practice is an attitude to be cultivated.  Practice is an attitude of having one’s eyes and ears open for a chance to develop myself.  The world is my rehearsal space.

I practice in the world today

In the course of a week, some moments are happier moments, and some moments are less happy.  It seems to be part of the purpose of hourly practice at this point to arrange times to practice when I am at a number of different emotional states.  Another part of the purpose is to arrange for me to observe my emotional state on a regular basis, to step back from it on a regular basis.

Some moments are more convenient than others for practice. It’s a great conversation starter when the alarm on my cell phone rings. Someone asks, “Do you have to take that call?” I say, “Oh, no, it’s not a call, it’s part of my practice in Steps to Knowledge. I’m supposed to listen and be present to the world every hour.” “It’s part of your practice in what? And you’re supposed to what-what every hour?”

I recall that even though I was not very consistent with hourly practice when I did these steps, but at the end of the week, my “consistency muscles” were a little stronger.

Here is the word cloud for steps 57-62

Steps To Knowledge Steps 57-62 Word Cloud - Practice Today

Practice today.  Practice within the world today.

* * *

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