I Know Nothing Now

When I began Steps to Knowledge in October 2012, I thought I already knew something, I thought I was starting from a place of accumulated knowledge based on past experiences, on lessons learned, on a certain treasure-trove of facts and figures I had accrued over my life. However, I quickly learned that the Knowledge it refers to in Steps has nothing to do with what I thought knowledge was up to this point in my life. So if I were to ask the same question as Sally Brown, which I did when I reached Step 3. What Do I Really Know?, the only answer I could truthfully give is “I know nothing now.”

This is by way of a first post as I test the waters as a guest blogger at Ascending Knowledge. I have to admit feeling a certain amount of honor at being invited to post here, while also feeling a certain amount of trepidation: Am I up to the task? Will I meet the expectations? Will I be able to share in a coherent way? But nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say, which is precisely the way I feel about taking this mysterious journey called Steps to Knowledge.


* * *

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