I Can Handle Being Told About My Folly

Steps to Knowledge has already informed me of my participation in humanity’s great folly of founding beliefs upon wishes. (Step 5, “I believe what I want to believe.”)  I can handle being told about my numerous mistakes.  I can handle being told about my failures to learn from my mistakes.  I have a hard time being told about my possibility. Steps to Knowledge doesn’t do this very often, as if it might be taken as flattery, but it does it on Step 23:

“God’s Plan is invisible and recognized by very few because very few have the openness of mind and the quality of attention that will allow them to see what is obviously occurring around them, which at this point is not obvious to them at all.Your Teachers love you, surround you and support you, for you are emerging into Knowledge.This calls them to your side.You are one of the few who has the promise and the opportunity to emerge from the sleep of your own imagination into the grace of Reality.”

I would really rather not consider this too important.  I would really rather just go on to the next idea.  But that could be part of the point, to flush out otherwise hidden pockets of self-loathing.

On the other hand, the relatively insignificant Mojud was addressed by Khidr as “Man of bright prospects.


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1 thought on “I Can Handle Being Told About My Folly

  1. Yes, I think we tend to underestimate ourselves and I remember when I did this Step I felt very unworthy of what it was offering. However, as I further pondered what this Step says, I realized that if I denied what was being offered, I would be giving my Teachers a spiritual slap in the face, so to speak. Refusing to take what is offered with Love, and, really, what comes from our True Selves, is a form of egoism, the reverse side of humility. I have no right to say “I am not good enough for that, I am not worthy of the opportunity being offered” because if I have reached the point where I am reading, and not only reading, but practicing this Step, i.e. taking it seriously, I obviously am worthy, and to deny it would be very counterproductive and even debilitating. So I see this Step as encouragement, a call to embrace who we really are without complexes,

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