I Can Handle Being Taken Seriously

What do I mean by “being taken seriously?”  I mean “being taken at my word, as expressed in my actions.”  Why am I bringing this up?  Step 26 of Steps to Knowledge placed a great emphasis on using error for development.  Step 27 uses the phrase “being served by your experience:

“This point of view of being served by your experience is something you must cultivate. It does not justify the experience itself. Understand this. It merely gives you an opportunity to use your experience for your advancement and your empowerment.”

The point of this is that if a student has come to step 29, “I will observe myself today to learn of Knowledge,” it would be reasonable to think that he is agreeable with the idea of using error for development.  It would be plausible to think he accepts the idea of using his experience for his advancement and his empowerment.  The assigned practice for step 29 is to observing one’s experience on an hourly basis.  The assigned practice isn’t a person, but if it were, it would be a person that takes the student seriously, as if the student was a person who has just done steps 26 and 27.  Got that?


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1 thought on “I Can Handle Being Taken Seriously

  1. I am very agreeable with the idea of using error for my development, however, I am still struggling with the concept of justifying my errors, particularly when there are other people involved who may have suffered from my errors. Or to put in another way, when other people suffer from a decision I made that may not have been in their best interests. I am particularly thinking here of divorce and its impact on the children of the marriage that ends. It gets very complicated.

    Also the concept of “being taken seriously” to mean “being taken at my word, as expressed in my actions.” This is all well and good and I agree with the principle, however, in reality, how often are what I say and what I do in harmony? I strive for this and see that it is the only way to be if I want to be taken seriously, but it is a challenge.

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