“I bring to you the mystery of your life”

MVS22Jan2014The following words were spoken by Marshall Vian Summers on January 22, 2014, on the first night of the New Message from God Messenger’s Vigil. Both Alisa and I have shared some of these remarks. I am feeling an inclination to share these remarks in their totality. I feel that someone needs to read these words who, for whatever reason, will not watch the video.

To be with me is to have been called.

I offer you nothing of this world but absolutely everything you truly desire, everything the world cannot give you and will never give you, everything that is meant for your fulfilment here.

For you have come with a destiny, not merely to survive in this beautiful and dangerous place, not only to be comfortable and secure but to go beyond comfort and security for a greater reason that only your heart knows, and will follow.

I bring to you the mystery of your life and a remembrance of those who sent you and who watch you and who are calling you, even at this time, out of the ordinary, out of mundanity, out of a superficial and purposeless life, into a greater response and a greater relationship. A greater relationship with those who share your destiny, are part of your calling. This is the power of Heaven that is revealed to you in God’s New Revelation. This is what I demonstrate, through all of my difficulties. The fidelity that surpasses understanding, and which can never be answered through endless questioning. It is this fidelity that I share with you and ask that you share with me, for this burden is too great for me; it cannot be carried into the world by one man, whoever he might be. This is the largest Revelation ever given to the human family to prepare it for its future in a Greater Community of life in the Universe and to prepare it to enter a new world experience unlike anything the human family has ever had to face before.

This requires a New Revelation, a great preparation and a great heart, and a great self-trust. I ask you to be what you really are. Not pathetic, not self-demeaning, not weak, not prone to domination or manipulation but to be what and who you really are. To be with me is to call that out from you and to be with those who have come to assist me through their long journey without recognition – they will call that out of you too and your heart will be glad that you have finally found what you need and what you are looking for.

To trust me is to trust what is true within you. Those who will not trust me do not know what to trust, except their own distrust. They’re in no position to see what this is. But across the world today many are waiting for God’s New Revelation and I and you must bring it to them. Not only for their redemption but also to create a strong enough voice in this world to alter the course of humanity.

I pray that I can do what I am sent here to do and that those who are meant to be with me will have the courage and the integrity, and the urgency to come because I need you now.

This is love.
Thank you.

* * *

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3 thoughts on ““I bring to you the mystery of your life”

  1. This hits home for me: “Those who will not trust me do not know what to trust, except their own distrust. They’re in no position to see what this is. “

  2. I agree, Mark, those words jumped out at me too.

    I think having this transcript of Marshall’s words here is very powerul. When I read them I hear the intonation in Marshall’s voice as he said them. I would encourage anyone who feels the inclination to listen to them on the video.

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