I Am Here To Express Something

I am here to express something

Step 12. My Individuality Is To Express Life Itself of Steps to Knowledge tells me that I am here to express something.

I am very drawn to the thought that what I am here to express is the emergence of Knowledge. And I understand I can do this by being a vehicle for Knowledge and allowing Knowledge to emerge.

It is the Christmas season and in one of the New Message revelations, The Meaning of Christmas, I read:

Only Knowledge has the strength to move other minds. Only Knowledge has the potency to create a lasting impact. Only Knowledge can foster good and good intentions. Only Knowledge can counteract fear and hostility. Only Knowledge can bless the world.

Your promise, then, is to become a man or a woman of Knowledge—a vehicle for Knowledge (emphasis mine); a person through which Knowledge can speak, act and move; a bringer of Grace, but also a person of action who can effect change, but with a greater spirit; who can speak the truth, but with a greater authority; who can reveal error, but with a greater compassion. Only Knowledge within you can do this because it is the source of these great expressions.

I Am Here To Express Something

When I did this Step, I wrote in my notes:

I am here to express something and this “something” relates to the part I play in the whole, not something that relates to me personally, as an individual, but something that relates to the part of me that contributes to all that is.

And can this not be only something that comes from Knowledge, is an expression of Knowledge, I ask myself now?

I read further in The Meaning of Christmas:

At whatever level your contribution may be given, whatever small part you may play in this great evolutionary change and emergence, let this Christmas be a reminder that there is a calling for you and that you seek to respond because this is the only means for fulfillment and satisfaction in life. This is the only basis for real and lasting relationships.

I am drawing attention to this revelation about Christmas because it is the season. However, I am more inclined toward what Scrooge had to say in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”


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