Humanity Needs Every Religion At Its Best

Humanity needs every religion at its best

I can imagine that when I say there is a New Message from God in the world, and that the man Marshall Vian Summers is its Messenger, there is a snort of derision. I do not blame the deriders and ridiculers. After all, a great many new religious movements have come and gone over the years. They have collapsed due to a lack of nobility or a lack of strength, or both. I can imagine people wondering “What does this New Message from God ‘want?’ Does it want to be one of the ‘cool kids’ of the world’s religions? Or being the ‘leader of the pack?’ Getting the lion’s share of religions resources?”

Humanity needs every religion at its best

I say that the answer to this question is “None of these.” I have hoped the New Message would be an uplifting influence, like sugar in the milk of the world’s religions. The New Message has an answer for this question in the revelation “Buddha and the New Message from God.”

“If you understand Our words, you will see that they are vitally important. But they hold more meaning than you can see at the outset. Our Voice, Our Presence, Our Words, the Messenger being in the world, the Steps to Knowledge being given, made available to everyone to practice and to study. It is so elemental. It is so perfect—perfect for these times and the times to come. Not to replace religion necessarily, but to infuse it with life, Spirit, purpose, meaning and the need for reconciliation.”

My nation needs its religion at its best

I live in the United States. There are slightly over 200 million Christians in this country. I have no desire for the New Message from God to replace Christianity, but to infuse it with life. I have said these words to individuals, but I feel an inclination to say them to whosoever will hear them.

I wish to declare and to demonstrate that as a student of the New Message from God, I will no harm to the Body of Christ. I wish for the gospel to have its salutary effects on every Christian. I desire the flow of the Holy Spirit to be unquenched. I hope for all schisms within the Body of Christ to be resolved. I want degenerating influences to be identified and counteracted.

How will I demonstrate this? I don’t know yet. I’m working on it. I hope to have similar declarations for other religions. All I know is that humanity needs every religion at its best. My nation needs its religion at its best.

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