How Shall We Prepare? 2014 Encampment Day 2

Great-change-sandstorm-approaching-riyadh How shall we prepare

I have mentioned on earlier occasions that the New Message from God teaches people to prepare for difficult times ahead. These difficult times will not just be in one place, but worldwide. These difficult times will not be caused by one particular event, but by a series of big ongoing disruptions. The New Message from God calls this series of big ongoing disruptions The Great Waves of Change.

How shall we prepare?

I have read The Great Waves of Change. I have a review of The Great Waves of Change at Amazon. I have an expanded review of The Great Waves of Change at this blog. On the second day of the recent Encampment, a good bit of time was spent contemplating the difficult times ahead in specific detail. We considered disrupted climate, environmental degradation, declining resources, involuntary human migrations, the wars of desperation that might result from the above events.

How shall we prepare? Many participants shared their experience of thinking about these difficult times ahead. One might think that contemplating such difficulties might put a damper on the enthusiasm that was in the room on the previous evening. But it’s not like the people in the room haven’t considered the Great Waves of Change on previous occasions. I didn’t share my experience with the room. I recalled the song lyric “‘Cause there is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here.” I recalled the lengthy Robert Heinlein quote ending in “Specialization is for insects.” I felt a need to cultivate adaptability.

One participant shared a feeling of “a quiet resolve,” and offered gratitude for the warning being provided. Another young man spoke of the need for resourcefulness and creativity. One participant said “All my life has been preparation for this.”

This took us to about halfway during the morning session on Day 2. How shall we prepare? I’m still thinking about it, but I know I need to prepare. I need to encourage others to prepare. How shall I do that? I don’t know, but I know I need to encourage others to prepare.

* * *

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2 thoughts on “How Shall We Prepare? 2014 Encampment Day 2

  1. Douglas, I really appreciate your posts about your Encampment remembrances.

    The days were incredibly important, dense, and impacting. You captured the feeling. I will have to live with these questions of how to respond to the Great Waves of change as well. I will not be able to not be prepared for the Great Waves of change. I must be prepared, this is why I have come. I was born for these times. I was born for this. I ask to be sent back here, to this world, to learn how to join, to learn how to serve. To serve the physical, not the forces of ideology of the surface intellect, not forces of conventional thinking and judgment and condemnation.

    This encampment and the acceleration I unburdening process sparked and aflame from it, feel like a necessary process to rush to meet the adversity of the times we live in and the catastrophic change the planet will be living in the the decades and generations to come. What will my chapter say? What will the legacy of my comma of human history say about me and my real values? Did I fulfill my mission for coming here now–did you do what we sent you to do? my Spiritual Family will ask me after I die? Did you complete your mission? Did you speak for the Messenger? Did you speak for the Message?

    That is all that will matter.

    My hobbies, my worldly achievements, my assets, my friends, my possessions, my personality, my life will all be considered in light of this one question.

    Did you do what we sent you into the world to do?

    I must complete my mission. Your words and intention and urgency of the encampment are throwing more dried wood logs on the hot flames and medium fire from the encampment. Thank you for sparking what I wrote and noted and felt and experienced there.

    This New Message is really something, this Knowledge experience and Life Mapping process is really important. I have to leave the old life to be able to complete my mission for being alive in the world now. One song lyric by Thomas & Alison rings in my ear:

    oh, to be alive, to be alive for this.

    What must I do? What must I not do?
    What is the truth?

    What would you have me see, Angels of God?
    What would you have me know now?

    Run, run, run down the trail. Never again pull off to fall asleep somewhere human, for you have a mission to fulfill that nothing in life can quench, save but you completing it.

    Nasi Novare Coram.

    And a great and hearty thank you to Marshall, Patricia, Reed, and the Society & Assistants for making possible such a earthquake event in my life and heart and Knowledge. It was received and I am responding. No. Matter. What.

  2. Also, I feel strongly that:
    everything I do now must be measured in terms of my Next Step now. What is my Next Step? What would you have me see and know now?

    How can my 4 Pillars really get strong & balanced? I have to live with that question.

    but the short answer that I felt a week ago & now is: intention & focus. start simple, start getting clear, start living “Purpose.”

    everything I do now needs to be done for a purpose.

    As Marshall stated in the Work Pillar Teaching some years ago now, to do this work I must have a really strong work ethic, its whats required, & for some of us, its critically important.
    Coming home from work means your real life’s work needs to kick in when you get home after that first 8-10 hours of the work that you do just to sustain yourself. Its like completing the swim and biking part of a great ironman triathalon everyday. Boom, now do the run for the other few hours to keep running down the Way of Knowledge & practice.

    I feel now there is little / no down time, except for a few hours here, a half day there. The Teachers stated, “you do not have time to waste anymore. You have wasted enough time already. You do not have a great deal of resources to waste anymore, you have wasted enough resources already.” Paraphrasing, but we heard the first sentence in person I know, the second one the object slips my mind. resources or something like that.

    Listen, even the Messenger was called to receive & complete things even when he was battling intense health pillar challenges of a time & energy consuming & tough nature. He was often called, even then; even on full days he was called, even whilst doing other activities, even when very tired.
    “You want God to speak to you? You want God to guide you? God will ask a lot of you. Oh, so much. … It is going to take everything you have to do it.” the Teachers have said including in the Faith, Work, & Higher Purpose revelation, which also speaks on this: life can be very urgent and necessary in its demands.

    May we all meet the needs of the moment and situation with Knowledge and wisdom as our wind and sail. And not be afraid to be the Captain of the ship, ever correcting the crew of our thoughts, to complete the sacred, constructive, holy mission that is mine, and mine alone to complete in this life.

    Nothing is more important than following Knowledge anymore. No excuses, no justifications, see, know, and act with Knowledge.
    may God’s will be done for my life while I am still alive, for so many must find & feel this New Message and New Messenger as I have. That is vitality and living the Must of my life, now and for the future. Nasi Novare Coram.

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