How Shall My People Prepare?

How shall my people prepare?

This is the fourth post in a series of posts about the revelation “The Great Turning Point for Humanity.” This is a small part of the New Message from God. The first post is here. The previous post is here.

UPDATE 04/24/2021: The next post is here.

What have we seen so far? Humanity faces unprecedented change. Declining resources, disrupted climate, environmental degradation and extraterrestrial intervention. Humanity is unprepared for these changes. But there is a New Message from God in the world, to help humanity rise to the occasion.

How shall my people prepare?

The following is the sixteenth paragraph of this teaching. I will add my experience of each paragraph in brackets.

God’s New Revelation for the world is providing everything you will need to know and everything you will need to do, within yourself and in your relationships with others. For this must happen at the level of the individual. Whole nations cannot prepare yet. It begins with individuals, preparing individually and together.

[We live in a world where doom-mongering is big business. Discerning the real warning from the false warnings requires wisdom. I can imagine people in the future asking me, “Douglas, are you really serious about this?” I must have this seriousness within myself. The New Message from God can help me have the strength of character I need.]

But who would know how to do this? No one knows how to prepare for life in the universe as it really is. No one even knows what is there. Your movies and your fiction can give you no real idea of this.

[There are many people in my world who, for one reason or another, disbelieve the very existence of extraterrestrial life. Those who believe imagine that life in the universe is like this movie, or that fiction. An argument is being made for the necessity of the New Message from God as humanity’s roadmap for the future.]

Who can prepare you for a new world reality? You have a few solutions, but you will need many more. Who has the courage to build a shelter far before the storm comes? Who has the foresight to do what must be done today before the waters rise and the lands dry out? You have this power within you, but it is unknown to you yet.

[The phrase “new world reality” has been mentioned in other places in the New Message from God. The New Message Community contemplated this phrase at the 2018 Encampment. There are a number of places in the New Message from God where it is mentioned that humanity needs “a thousand solutions.” Who has the courage, who has the foresight? The man or woman of Knowledge. I sign myself a candidate for the position “man of Knowledge.” This is what they mean by the necessity of individual preparation.]

We are here to prepare you for the great change that is coming to the world, the great change that will alter human civilization, for better or worse—permanently, from this time onward, as if you have crossed an invisible line that changes everything.

[Who is this “We”? The Angelic Assembly that watches over humanity. When did we cross the threshold? When a gas tank was filled, when some waste was dumped in a river. It is pointless to ask who. But it has become known that we have crossed the threshold.]

You cannot prepare yourself for this. Even if people could see and feel it significantly, they would be in disagreement about what it is and what it means and how it will happen and what must be done.

[I believe people see and feel certain aspects of the situation. They are offering various solutions and arguing for their adoption. But what if they aren’t adopted? What if they are adopted, but fail?]

Regarding your entrance into a Greater Community of life in the universe, no one on Earth knows how to prepare for this. Only God can provide this. And those few races in your vicinity of space who are free have played an important role in helping you, but they will not intervene. They can only share their wisdom with you, which they have done.

[I believe they’ve said that before. I feel like some people will read the part about “those few races” and harbor a hope for rescue. But this is inconsistent with their goal of freedom for humanity. In this case, “free” means “Sustainably self-sufficient and discreet.” The New Message from God refers to certain individuals of these races as “The Allies of Humanity.” They have provided four books of briefings through Marshall Vian Summers. Here is a review of the first one.

How shall my people prepare? It is my hope to be a man of Knowledge, this greater courage, this greater foresight. It is my hope that the New Message from God will find its place in the heart of the human family.]

* * *

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