How Shall I Prepare To Serve A Troubled World?

Sha'ar Neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria. How shall I prepare to serve a troubled world?It seems to help to write Amazon reviews of the various texts of the New Message from God. It also seems to help to share those reviews here, with a little graphic embellishment. For example, here is my review of The Great Waves of Change. Between then and now, I completed the first time through the 365 steps of Steps to Knowledge. But I didn’t write a review right away. I wasn’t trying not to, it was just one of those things I didn’t get around to doing until now. Here is my Amazon review of Steps to Knowledge, with some additional commentary [in brackets].

How shall I prepare to serve a troubled world? This might help. A lot

I was one of the first students of Steps to Knowledge, receiving a copy shortly after it was received in May-June of 1989. Having studied A Course in Miracles (ACIM) in 1987, it was easy for me to think “Oh, this is like that” as Steps to Knowledge has 365 Steps, just as the Workbook for Students in ACIM has 365 lessons. Steps to Knowledge is therefore a book one practices, following the practice instructions, as opposed to a book one only reads.

[I have written a number of posts comparing and contrasting Steps to Knowledge with A Course in Miracles.]

Crystal Cave, Chihuahua, Mexico. How shall I prepare to serve a troubled world?

What is this “Knowledge” toward which we are taking steps? It is described as the great mystery of your life (Step 10). It is described as your true self, a self that is not apart from life. It is described as the love of God (Step 24).

[Step 10 “What is Knowledge?” offers a description, but Knowledge is observed from some angle in every step of Steps to Knowledge. While Step 24, “I am worthy of God’s love” doesn’t explicitly describe Knowledge as being the love of God, I am inferring that from Step 10 and the text of Step 24.]

What is the price of admission? How shall I prepare to serve a troubled world?

What kind of attitude does a person need to successfully study Steps to Knowledge? A beginner’s mind, and a hunger to fulfill the purpose for which you came to the world. The language is relatively prosaic, and the readability level is roughly that of a high school freshman.

[On further review, a couple of other things are also required. Steps to Knowledge requires a student to be able to receive assistance from sources they hadn’t previously considered. Steps to Knowledge teaches that it takes a certain self-esteem to approach the great mystery of one’s life. I wrote this post on the readability level of Steps to Knowledge using various metrics.]

Red wine grapes on the vine. How shall I prepare to serve a troubled world?

What kind of effect will practicing Steps to Knowledge have on a person? It will not necessarily make you rich or famous, but it might take the cravings for wealth and fame out of you. It will not get you the sexual encounter of your dreams, but it will prepare you to find the people you came into the world to find and bless. It will not necessarily put you into a position of influence, but it will definitely make you stronger, more focused, less ambivalent on the inside. Chances are good that Steps to Knowledge will suck a lot of the poison of judgment, blame and self-condemnation out of your soul. Chances are good that Steps to Knowledge will assist you in putting the events of your life in an empowering context. Chances are good that Steps to Knowledge will provide resources for serving a troubled world, while maintaining your own well-being.

[How shall I prepare to serve a troubled world? I’d like to think I’m doing so right now.]

* * *

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