How Do I Know If This Is Working?

Any student of Steps to Knowledge is going to make a significant investment of time, effort and trust.  By the time a student gets to step 18, she has already made a certain investment.  What will be the return on the investment?  Steps to Knowledge has been somewhat terse up to this point, but in step 18, there is some elaboration:

To come into the proximity of Knowledge means that you become more and more like Knowledge itself—more whole, more consistent, more honest, more devoted, more
concentrated, more self-disciplined, more compassionate and more self-loving. All of these qualities are developed as you approach that which is the source of these qualities.

On one hand, step 18 is only 5% of the way into Steps to Knowledge.  On the other hand, I take comfort in what I am told will happen as I go forward.  It’s like having a travel brochure describing the terrain and climate of a place to which I am traveling.


* * *

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