How Did You Do On Your Resolutions?

Weighing-the-harvest-Musi-010 How did you do on your resolutions?Since I was so bold as to share my New Year’s resolution with you at the end of 2014, I feel a certain obligation to share with you how successful I was at keeping that resolution.

How did you do on your resolutions?

What? You don’t remember my New Year’s resolution? It was to complete the study of Steps to Knowledge for the second time. Steps to Knowledge is the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God. It has 365 steps to follow. I took about 4 years to do Steps to Knowledge the first time. I started again in April of 2014. I am currently on Step 184, “My questions are greater than I had realized before.” I was on Step 85, “I find happiness in small things today” at the end of 2014. I therefore will have done somewhere between 99 and 118 steps in 2015. This is a downstat from the 128 steps I did in 2014.

How did you do on your resolutions? It’s not like I was being slothful. I was definitely engaging with Steps to Knowledge in various ways. I just wasn’t practicing the steps as they were given. I didn’t do any steps for the first six months of 2015. I did a certain amount of thrashing and flailing, thinking that maybe I needed to start over. Other people assisted me in getting unstuck, resolving ambivalence and obsessions, getting restarted. I did 14 steps in July, 25 steps in August, 24 steps in September, 17 steps in October, 12 steps in November, and 7 steps in December so far. The 25 steps in August is the greatest number of steps I have done in a month since I started studying Steps in 2010.

How did you do on your resolutions? I didn’t come anywhere close to fulfilling my 2015 New Year’s Resolution. However I made a certain progress in Steps to Knowledge in 2014. I also made some progress in the Four Pillars, particularly in the area of my health. Should I make a New Year’s Resolution for 2016? I don’t know. I know I would like to be a little more consistent. I would like to do a certain number of steps each week and each month. But will I? I don’t know. I’m not willing to bet my life on it at this point.

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