Expressing Greatness


In Step 45, I recognized my limitations, which gives me humility. And in humility I am in a position to receive greatness.

Step 46. “I Must Be Small To Be Great” of Steps to Knowledge says, “Allow yourself to be small, and you will experience that greatness is with you and that greatness is part of you.”

My journal for this step says, “For me this Step leads on from the last one, it is a continued lesson in humility. Being small for me means being humble, which in turn does not mean disparaging myself, or thinking of myself as a lowly, unworthy being, rather it means recognizing that I am fallible, that I am teachable. It brings me back down to size (if I have been engaged in self-aggrandizement) and makes me aware that I don’t know it all and that if I am capable of greater things, it is not due to my own merits, but because I am allowing Knowledge to work through me.”

The Step goes on to say, “You are meant to be a vehicle for a Greater Reality to express itself in the this world.”

To me, being a vehicle implies being a tool, a means, a channel, if you will, for bringing something beneficial into the world.  So, for me, it has more to do with the mind than the body.

Expressing greatness

greatnessAt this point I am recalling a book I used to read to my children called “The Little Me and THE GREAT ME” by Lou Austin that talks about God being a Partner and how to enter that partnership.  All the child has to do is exhale the little me and inhale the Great Me, and the Spirit of God comes in with the air he or she breathes, and then the child is happy and loving and kind. But it takes a conscious choice, the child has to want to be the Great Me and breathe in the spirit of God, thus becoming God’s Partner.

I too make a conscious choice. It may not be to exhale the small self as portrayed in this book, but I still choose to recognize my smallness, realizing that even though I am small, I can still express the greatness of a Greater Reality because Knowledge works through me.

And as always, I take great delight in reading something that resonates entirely with what I am pondering. I opened an email letter from a fellow traveler this morning to read, “All true spiritual work is an attempt to allow the Self to dominate and learn how to let it guide the small self and put it to service in the world.”

There is a Self with a capital letter within me, a Great Me wishing to be expressed, but I need to be small, to be humble, to recognize my limitations in order for what is great to find its joyful expression.

P.S. I just opened Secrets of Heaven to page 186 and read:

“The experience of greatness will give you the perspective needed to give yourself permission to follow what you know.”

* * *

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