The Greatest Truth Of Life

Greatest Truth of Life

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The greatest truth of life 

Steps to Knowledge cannot be called an exercise in self-flattery, but they do have something empowering and life-affirming about them. Step 24. I Am Worthy of God’s Love is one of the Steps that audaciously encourages me to cast aside any denigrating opinion I may have of myself, as well as any feelings of unworthiness, to embrace the greatest truth of life—the fact that I am indeed worthy of God’s love. And more than that, I really am God’s love. This is the greatest truth of life.

After feeling unworthy of the love and support of my Teachers in Step 23. I found myself laughing in relief in Step 24 when I gained a whole new insight into the concept of worthiness.

My notes say: “I am laughing in a releasing way, because it is really so incredible and suddenly so clear. Feelings of unworthiness come from the ego. When I operate from my individuality and separation, when I put a value on everything, assess things as good or bad, then I feel unworthy. But that is not what it is all about. It is not about me, it is about my part in the whole. Having realized this, it all makes sense, and of course I am worthy! How could it be otherwise?”

How can you be unworthy of God’s love if that is what you are? the Step asks.

This is the greatest truth of life.

Now I will agree that this concept may be difficult to hold onto and formulate in a coherent way, particularly from the surface mind, the mind of the ego, a mind used to operating from rigid templates, a mind that rejects the idea of putting an ordinary mortal anywhere near the same level as God. However, a student of Steps to Knowledge becomes aware very early on that it is best not to have assumptions, but instead start from a clean slate (Step 3. What Do I Really Know?).

And the Step goes on to clarify.

You are worthy not for what you have done in the world. You are worthy for who you are, where you have come from and where you are going.

This puts the entire matter in a very different light.

This is the greatest truth of life.


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