Greater Context and Greater Relationships: Messenger’s Vigil 2018 Day Two and Three

Greater Context and Greater Relationships.

Greater context

Vigil Day 2 Holding Vigil for people all over the world who are searching for a Greater Context: Contact and Humanity’s Emergence in the Greater Community

This day of the Vigil is particularly for those who, from a very early age, have felt their life would be part of a great transition. They cannot give definition to this feeling, it is coming from a deeper place within them, and it orients them in a certain direction, if they are ready to follow it. This is a disturbing transition, we are moving into a persuasive environment, and we need to have our wits about us. We cannot be falling victim to the persuasion of those alien races visiting us to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity.

Marshall says, “There are so many things that we assume to be true that aren’t true, and so many things we have never thought of that are true in this great revelation about life in the universe called the Greater Community.” Life has brought us to this great threshold. How will we respond? Greater Community people are in the world, who are here to help support humanity through this tremendous challenge.

Does this apply to you? Are you a Greater Community person?

Greater Context and Greater Relationships

Vigil Day 3 Holding Vigil for people all over the world who are searching for a new experience of God and wish to find God beyond religion.

Marshall speaks to us. “The New Message from God is about relationship. What is important to understand here is that we have a relationship with God. This relationship is not based on belief, although belief may be our starting point, and for many people it is. It is not based on religious orientation, because our relationship with God existed before there were any religions. It is not based merely on point of view, but on a deeper resonance within us.

“Our goal in life is not to experience God, or to transcend the world, or to engage in ardent spiritual practice to experience the Divine. Our relationship with God is based on what we are here to do. Because our world is not a place of being, like our Ancient Home, it is a place of doing. It is place of action.”

Greater Context and Greater Relationships

The chapter “Your Most Primary Relationship” in Relationships and Higher Purpose says, “You have come into the world to work. God has sent you and you have sent yourself, because there is the perfect Knowledge that you need to be here.”

“Perfect Knowledge,” says Marshall and continues, “What is this telling us? This is telling us that our relationship with God is about what we came here to do. God redeems us by giving us something important to do.”

What is the goal and spiritual purpose of relationships? What is our deeper need in seeking relationships and how does relationship enable us to discover our higher self? Marshall Vian Summers talks about the real reason we seek relationship and the possibility of future relationships in empowering us to discover our higher purpose in life.

Here you can review the Messenger’s Vigil 2017 on Coming of the Greater Community and Understanding the Great Coordination.

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