The Messenger’s Vigil – Understanding the Great Coordination

Understanding the Great Coordination is vital to our participation and preparation.

great coordination

On Day Five of the 2017 Messenger’s Vigil, we explore the Great Coordination and entering the reality of the Great Coordination. We try to come to a deeper understanding of the Great Coordination.

Patricia says that this Great Coordination is what God, the Angelic Assembly and the Messenger are all about; the elements of the Great Coordination are what the Society is all about, it is what we as a worldwide community are all about. And we are now witnessing and seeing evidence of the Great Coordination that has been going on since Marshall began performing the momentous task he was sent here to do of receiving and bringing to the world the New Message from God.

“The Great Coordination is something you must prepare for.” The Great Coordination

So the focus of this broadcast is “What does it mean to participate in and prepare for the Great Coordination?”

Marshall Vian Summers received the revelation called The Great Coordination on October 25, 2016. It has not yet been released to the world, but you can read about how it was received in the Journal of the New Message: Receiving the Great Coordination.

Great Coordination

“Beyond what your senses can report, what your eyes can see and your ears can hear, there is a Greater Coordination in the world and in the universe at large—a Great Coordination, the Work of God in the universe, working through layers of service and representatives.

“It is something you must feel, deeply, this Presence, and this abiding sense that your life is really for something greater than what you have become accustomed to and what your culture promotes within you and what you have come to believe…a Greater Coordination that has brought you into the world for a higher purpose, a Greater Coordination that you cannot define and you can never fully understand…

“Hear Our words. Listen to them again and again. Comprehension will come in time with repetition.

“Your heart will know if you can follow this. Deep within you there are greater powers and forces at work. This is what you must discover. This is the great challenge and meaning of your life.”

Understanding the Great Coordination

And Reed urges us to remember that “This is not about you.”

“People…are functioning from a position of Separation, where they think everything is about them. They do not realize that their revelation is a coordination with other minds, with great events and with Spiritual Power in the universe. They do not realize the degree to which they themselves must prepare and how the time and the place and the people they are associated with are critically important.” The Threshold of Personal Revelation.

Next, Marshall speaks to us, helping us in our understanding of the Great Coordination. He tells us that this revelation is the completion of another revelation given on July 20, 2015 called The Great Alliance. In this context, alliance infers intrinsic relationship, it is inherent within us, but we have to choose it. But Coordination has to do with action. It is bringing together different individuals, different levels of reality in different places to serve a greater purpose, or to continue a purpose that has been going on since the beginning of time. A timeless purpose.

We need to participate, trust, then understand. In that order.

And another thing, we cannot use the Coordination for personal edification, because then it will escape us. We need to be reliable, dependable, and consistent, not easily pulled away and wishy-washy. We are asked to lay the foundation without understanding what will come of it. The understanding will come later.

Understanding the Great Coordination

Is this trustworthy? You can only participate to find out.

We have to be certain about what we are doing, but uncertain about what is guiding us and where we are going. This is called living an open life, which means accepting the mystery and going deeper into it.

Our world holds a lot of promise and potential, which is why it is drawing the attention of the Angelic Assembly. It is drawing a lot of force.

To have another free world in the universe is a very important thing in the larger scheme of things.

We are being given the opportunity to work for this. Let us not fail. Against all odds, we do it anyway.

Marshall says that if this can take place in a short enough time, great things can happen.

And he finishes with a prayer.

“Let us pray that the Presence will be with us and that we will find the strength and determination to be with it. For it seeks to move our lives into position for a greater service in the world, a greater meaning and a greater purpose. And with it, it brings us relationships of a very high caliber, relationships that can amplify our strength, our power and our contribution. I pray that this strength will grow from this gathering and from those who gather with me from afar, for we are all part of this Great Coordination. May the Presence of the Teachers be with us. Nasi Novare Coram.”

* * *

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