Knowledge Is With Me, But Where Am I?

After feeling encouraged by the words in Step 1 assuring me that although I am not with Knowledge, Knowledge is nevertheless with me, I was confronted in Step 2 with having to consider the unsettling question of well, where are you, then?
I am not with Knowledge, this I can accept. However, I have also accepted that Knowledge resides in the part of my mind to which I have not yet gained access. I see this as giving me a certain advantage. I don’t have what I want, but I know where to find it. I am not on some aimless journey, going whither, I don’t know where, and looking for something, I don’t know what. I have a destination, and when I reach this destination, I will know my true self, my true mind and my true relationships in the universe. This seems to be something worth striving for.

So when asked to think about where I am, I see myself in my mind’s eye as standing at the bottom of a stairway, a stairway leading up a mountain, with something gleaming and beckoning at the top.

I am still without Knowledge, but I am striving to reach it, I am looking for ways to access that place where it resides, looking for ways to understand.

This may seem like a tall order.

However, on the Forum of the Free School of the New Message, I was assured by another student in response to my sharing on Step 2 that “You have a journey to take. It will be for the rest of your life. You will learn along the way how to know. It will take time and effort. It will take Steps to Knowledge. It will take consistency and perseverance.”

Encouraged by the understanding that this is not a race, but a journey of a lifetime, and I will learn along the way, I boldly take the next step.

* * *

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