Why? Why, To Give You A Taste Of Your Future

Conquest-is-not-allowed Why? Why, to give you a taste of your future.So far, I have shared my Amazon reviews of two of the eleven books of the New Message from God. Here is my review of The Great Waves of Change. Here is my review of Steps to Knowledge. I haven’t read all of the books of the New Message yet. I plan to do this in the near future. However, I have read the book Life in the Universe, published in 2012. Here is my review of that book.

Why? Why, to give you a taste of your future

The emergence of humanity into a Greater Community of intelligent life is a long-running theme in the writings of Marshall Summers. This book of channeled material expands on the themes introduced in books like Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation (New Knowledge Library) and The Great Waves Of Change: Navigating The Difficult Times Ahead, and offers a picture as to what life beyond our world is like, and how humanity might prepare for it.

As I read this book, I considered this sector of space to be a lot like the National Football League (NFL). In the NFL, while injuring the other players is forbidden, teams seek to identify and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents. In this sector of space, while outright war is forbidden (and bad for business, besides), spacefaring races go to great lengths (competition, espionage, seduction, persuasion, mental manipulation) to get other worlds over a barrel in trade relationships. As I read this, I recalled Trader To The Stars (Chronicles of the Polesotechnic League), where Poul Anderson’s Polesotechnic League had the motto “All the traffic will bear!”

People who appreciate advances in technology are going to find this book greatly challenging. It’s as if humanity is facing a choice between two futures. In one future, advancing technology not only makes us hit the wall of declining resources, but makes us more machine-like and less human. In another future, the road less traveled, humanity becomes one of the rarer freer worlds, emerging into space with its sovereignty and self-sufficiency intact.

What is on humanity’s to-do list to successfully arrive at the end of the road less traveled? Oh, nothing much. Unite as a species, arrive at a just way of sharing dwindling resources, develop skills used by spacefaring races in the mental environment (psychic and memetic warfare?), develop and enforce rules of engagement for visiting races, stop being a weak, divided, easily exploitable collection of warring tribes, reconsider the gods of its religions as parochial, tribal deities, keep its collective mouth shut and stop broadcasting every detail about itself into space.

Just as new professional football players recall their “Welcome to the NFL” moment, one day, humanity will look back and recall its “Welcome to the Greater Community” moment.

Why? Why, to give you a taste of your future.

* * *

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