Honor This Gift, Receive This Gift

Honor this Gift, Receive this Gift.

During the Final Broadcast of the 2017 Step Vigil, Marshall shares more about the gift of Knowledge in a way that he hopes will be easier for us to understand.

He begins speaking at the 22.30 mark.

Knowledge really is our connection to our eternal life, because it represents the part of us that is eternal. It is here in the world on a mission to serve a higher purpose. This is not our personal purpose, it is something that lives within us that will emerge when we need for this Knowledge to come to our aid. When our need for clarity and certainty and resolution brings us to a point where we know that a greater power, that exists beyond us and even within us, can only answer.

“This evening I would like to talk about Knowledge in a certain way so that you can begin to understand what it really is. Because it’s hard to understand what’s really deeply within us, some things we rarely experience. We live so much on the surface, so conditioned by our own personal mind, by the world around us, by the people who influence us. But Knowledge is something great that lives within us.

“So I would like to describe this in a certain way for you tonight that may be helpful. The first thing to understand is you live with two minds. You have the worldly mind, which has been conditioned and shaped by your environment, by your family, by your circumstances, your relationships, and various persuasions throughout your infancy, childhood, early adulthood and onward. And that is the mind that we live in the vast majority of the time. A mind that is still turbulent, often unstable, that is still very much affected by the world around us. Because it’s subject to corruption and manipulation, it is always fearful. Fearful of what it may lose, fearful of life, fearful of death, fearful of change, fearful that you may not be fulfilled in life or have certain things. It is prone to constant error.

“This is the part of you that the world has created. It is not who you really are. But it is what you are in the world. And it has great importance when it begins to serve the higher power that lives within you and beyond you. This has produced much error in your life. But God will forgive you for this. Because God understands the limitations of this state of mind.

“Deep within this worldly mind is a far greater mind. The mind that represents the eternal part of you. The mind that is uncorrupted by the world, unaffected by the world. A mind that holds your strength, your purpose, your destiny, and your connection with timeless reality and with your Source. It is so much greater than people’s notions of intuition. Sometimes people feel that it is a guide from heaven, some external force, but Knowledge is intrinsic within in you. You cannot corrupt it. But it’s waiting for you to begin to return to it.

“This is the mind that God created. And God blesses you with it and for it. Every person has Knowledge. But the world has overlaid so much, layers of distrust, frustration, disappointment, layers of trauma, layers of failure, even the emptiness of success. The discouragement from others, your own discouragement. So at some point you realize you do not have the answer. And no one in the world has the answer. The answer comes from a greater place. And along the way you see signs of this, you see signs of people’s brilliance, you hear stories of people doing really courageous things, sometimes defying all rationality, people putting themselves in positions of risk or harm to do the right thing. And the evidence of this inspiration is everywhere, if you look for it.

“So Knowledge lives beyond your intellect, because your intellect is a product of living in the world. It is what has been added on. Knowledge is here to guide your intellect, so that it can be truly productive, and serve you and be your vehicle for being in the world, your mind, your body, vehicles for communication, vehicles for being in the world. Who you are, so much greater.

“When you begin to take the Steps to Knowledge, you begin to rebuild your connection to this indigenous part of yourself that has such strength and wisdom, the strength and wisdom you need. It has clarity about where you need to go in life, clarity that you really cannot find anywhere else. It is determined. It is not afraid of the world. Who can honestly say they are not afraid of the world?

“This is the gift of revelation for us now. For we are facing a world that will be much more turbulent, much more uncertain, even catastrophic in various ways, as the environment and the climate of the world changes, as nations become more unstable. Where will that certainty be, that you will need, as things that you have believed in in the past seem to fail and become inadequate? It’s a question, it’s a question. Without Knowledge, we all know what that is like.

“Without Knowledge, life becomes haphazard, full of conflict, frustration, without a true direction and a purpose. Even if you exert control over your life, like a tyrant, you’re still uncertain. You’re still afraid. Who really knows who they are, where they’re going and why they’re here, with an authentic sense of certainty? Rich or poor, everywhere in the world, this is the dilemma of living in Separation from our Source. Living in Separation from that which is natural and eternal within ourselves. To live in the world, and to grow up here, and be formed here is to forget where you have come from. It is to forget those who have sent you, it is to forget where you are ultimately going. The memory lives within you deeply, but you have to dig pretty deep for it now. There are too many other memories competing for your attention.

“As mysterious as this is, people experience it perhaps more than they realize. Intuition, Patricia mentioned gut feelings, things come to mind, you have a moment of sobriety and you see something very clearly that is startling that the people around you are not seeing. You have a sensitivity to people suffering, or dishonesty. And perhaps it seems like you are the only person seeing that in that situation. We have the evidence of Knowledge sprinkled out throughout our lives, here and there, the evidence in other people. Grace is still at work in the world, despite the many errors of humanity.

“And in this there will be no hell and damnation, because God knows that without Knowledge to guide you, you will live in error, you will be confused. You may do terrible things to yourself and others. Without Knowledge to guide you, this can happen and to some extent has happened. It is to bring you back to the power and presence of Knowledge within yourself. It is the purpose of all true religion in all of its manifestations, in all of its great testaments. But alas, the purity of this thread has been lost, overlaid, forgotten and even discouraged in the history of our world, in the history of humanity. Yes.

“So this Knowledge lives within you at this moment waiting to be discovered. If you are really honest about your condition, you will really come to see that you need this. And though it may be a distant reality to you, something you can barely comprehend, you know you need this. Everyone needs this. It is the condition of the world and the world we see today that is the product of people living without Knowledge, trying to make decisions without Knowledge, falling under oppression, inequality, servitude, everything, degradation, everything.

“When you have this understanding, you begin to look at the world more compassionately, because it’s not failing your ideals. This isn’t the world you thought the world should be. Of course not. It is a place where people are without Knowledge, living in Separation. This is the foundation for forgiveness and compassion, as you realize everyone is suffering, rich or poor, because of this core condition. In the New Message, it’s called the Crisis, the Crisis of Separation, the crisis of being separated from your own deeper nature, the source of your strength, the source of your integrity, the source of your power. Taken away, living in another reality, where these things seem to be very rare and difficult to find.

“It is through Knowledge that God blesses you, be you of any faith tradition, or be you of no faith tradition. God does not care what your religious beliefs are as long as they can help you return to the power that God has put within you, to guide you, to bless you, and to lead you to a greater life in the world. Any religious teaching, or understanding, any religious practice, precept, or doctrine is only as valuable to the extent that it can do this and encourages it. Religion without Knowledge tends to become delusional, competitive and violent. All the things that we have seen and continue to see in the world today.

“What will Knowledge do for you? Well, first, you will have to reshape your life to some degree. It will begin to move you in a certain direction, because it’s a constant movement, like a honing beacon. You may be going this way, but Knowledge needs you to go this way. It’s going to slowly turn your life. Naturally, it’s the most natural force there could be. So if you are moving in the wrong direction, then there’s nothing down that road for you. This is not going to work out. Knowledge begins to turn your life in the direction where your real accomplishments can occur, the important people you need to know can be found, the important teaching and education that you need can be recognized. It’s very important—where you are, who you are with, what you’re doing, very important.

“So the Creator of All Life has given humanity this ancient teaching in Steps to Knowledge. Steps to Knowledge is actually older than humanity. It’s been taught throughout the Universe to adepts, small groups, and now being given to the whole world, given the great change that is coming here, and the need to prepare, and the urgent situation, yes. It has brought a great message into the world. And with it the preparation that is essential.

“Steps to Knowledge seeks to bring into union your worldly mind and the deeper mind of Knowledge within you, which makes you complete. For the Knowledge that you carry is meant to guide you in all matters of great consequence. And your personal mind is meant to work out the details of your life and to carry out small decisions. But the really important things, the greater decisions, the greater direction for your life must come from Knowledge. This is how God will redeem you, and restore you, return to you your true strength and reconnect you ultimately with those who sent you into the world and what you are here to really do.

“Ask God for no greater thing than this, because there is no greater thing than this. This will feed you for a life time and will feed others through you. This will give you the eyes to see and the ears to hear. This will give you the strength to nourish others and to tell them that they too have a greater purpose and meaning in life.

“This has been the blessing that has been given to me 28 years ago. It took me seven years to prepare to receive Steps to Knowledge. Soon after it was received on the final night, which we celebrate tonight, the last day of the Vigil, within days I began Steps to Knowledge to be its first student, knowing that this was far beyond me, far greater than I am and of immense importance to the world. And I also knew, even at that time, early in my training, that I would be responsible for Steps to Knowledge for the rest of my life. To learn it, to comprehend it, to share it, to teach it, to encourage it and to protect it. Such a gift, such a blessing.

“So I am very happy that people have gathered at this vigil to honor this gift, who are beginning to receive this gift, allowing the Steps to Knowledge to begin to clear away the artifact and the debris that the world has set in their minds to see clearly with their own eyes, to know with their own heart, and to speak with their own voice, finally.

“May the Blessing be with you and with all of us, for the Presence and the Great Teachers are with us. And we bless that by saying, Nasi Novare Coram. Which is a step in Steps to Knowledge.

“So I would like to conclude by reading a quote from the back of Steps to Knowledge, a quote given by the Assembly

You came into the world with the Knowledge of who you are, who you must meet and what you must accomplish. It is time to find this Knowledge and begin to live it.

“May it be so.”

And Marshall concluded the entire Vigil by offering the following blessing at the 1.20.00 mark.

“I pray that the gift that has been given to each us through revelation can grow within us, and we can patiently abide with it, patiently nurture it, patiently protect this emerging awareness from the harshness of the world around us, honoring that within us that must be honored and is truly honorable. And may this presence, this power, this force that we call Knowledge give this clarity, because Knowledge has clarity. May it give us strength, because Knowledge has this strength. May it give us direction, because Knowledge is taking us somewhere. May it give us purpose, because Knowledge is filled with purpose. May it give us love, because Knowledge is the force of greater love. And may it reunite us with those in the world and beyond whom we must recognize and honor as part of our mission here on earth. May the Presence be with us always, and may the Steps continue to move us always. Nasi Novare Coram.”

* * *

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