Further Up And Further In

King Tirian wasn't planning on meeting these people. Further up and further in!Today is a significant day for me, a day for which I am interrupting my custom of not mentioning steps in Steps to Knowledge which I haven’t blogged about yet. It is a significant day in that I have completed my first time through Steps to Knowledge.

Further up and further in

It has taken me about four years to do this. I never claimed to be a very consistent student. One could argue that it took me a little less than 25 years to do this, as I started studying Steps to Knowledge very shortly after it was received in 1989, stopping sometime in 1991, somewhere around Step 160.

Someone will no doubt ask, “Well, was it worth it?” Were you worthy of the effort to study Steps to Knowledge? Was it worthy of you? Has the effort of studying Steps to Knowledge been good for you? Has it been good for your world? Other people may disagree, but I say “Yes, oh yes.”

Someone will ask “What are you going to do now?” I’m going to do Steps to Knowledge a second time, as Marshall Summers has suggested. If he can keep doing Steps to Knowledge, I can do so as well. Will I blog about it? Eventually, but it may take a while to get there, as it has taken me 15 months to blog about 86 steps. But for now, it’s further up and further in!

In the US, law school is generally a three year experience, with students being called 1Ls, 2Ls and 3Ls. There aren’t very many people in the world who are pursuing the program of preparation, but perhaps one day there will be. We need better words than 1K, 2K and 3K, though.

This selection by the Pat Metheny Group is ringing and singing in my mind’s ear as I contemplate today. It was the final song on the second side of the 1985 album First Circle, called Praise.

Join me in my happiness today! Further up and further in!

«Alisa writes: I certainly join you, Douglas! Congratulations!! However, that small word does not do justice to the grandiose nature of the task you have accomplished. I do not really think there are words that another person can say to a person who has just completed Steps to Knowledge – especially the first time around – that do justice to the experience of this accomplishment. No one can know what it feels like until they have done it themselves. As I puff and pant along behind you though, I have some small inkling of the effort, diligence, and just sheer guts it takes to do this, so I am congratulating you from a deep place in my heart and encouraging you as you continue.»


* * *

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