I Am On A Freedom Journey

I am on a freedom journeyI am on a freedom journey

The March/April session of the Free School of the New Message from God is called “The Journey to a New Life” and offers a number of opportunities to explore this avenue of spiritual growth.

One of the revelations we are asked to read and listen to during this session is called “The Freedom Journey.” It opens with the following words:

“Spirituality is fundamentally a quest for freedom—freedom from certain things and freedom for certain things.”

If I am on a freedom journey, I first need to be clear about what I want to be free from and what I want to be free for. At the last Campfire Chat, Marshall Vian Summers said some words that made a deep impression on me.

He said, “Freedom is not free. It must be earned, sustained and protected against both its inner and outer adversaries. Knowledge is free but you must gain the freedom to experience it, accept it and follow it in all kinds of situations.”

In this context, I wish to be free from past restraints, such as taking on too much work, keeping an eye on my children, being influenced by what other people are doing or not doing. And I wish to be free for pursuing a life in the bosom of nature, for expanding my inner journey, for learning to be self-sufficient, for providing food for myself and others under my own steam, and for many other things I may not be fully aware of at the moment but am ready to embrace.

I am on a freedom journey, and it is taking me out of city living to a place far from the madding crowd in the Russian countryside. This is not an escape for me, or some other form of seclusion or isolation, it is the fulfillment of a deep yearning I have felt for well over thirty years now.

While mapping my freedom journey and examining my life to date, I became aware that what began as an echo of recognition during my student days has slowly grown and evolved to bring me to the place I stand today, a place that promises the fulfillment of my dream.

“To really know where you are, you must know where you have been and how you got to where you are,” go more words from Marshall that speak to me loud and clear.

I am on a freedom journey, and I am open to where it will take me. I am willing to learn new skills, to work, to adjust, to be flexible, to roll with the punches, and to take what comes.

The following passages from “The Freedom Journey” particularly move me:

“You must have the freedom to open your mind. You must have the freedom to take the Steps to Knowledge and to allow Knowledge to protect you and to guide you towards a greater life. You must have the freedom to be honest with yourself and free from those influences, relationships and circumstances that deny this freedom or make it more difficult to attain.

“You must have the freedom to be with yourself completely—facing your limitations, your obstacles, your regrets, your mistakes, your strengths, your weaknesses—everything! You must be free from the fear and avoidance—the habitual avoidance—that has denied you access to your deeper nature all these years.

“You must have the freedom to be with others and practice a greater neutrality with people so that you may hear them, see them, know them and be able to respond to them at a deeper level, and also to be able to know how to be with them, how to participate, when to participate, when not to participate, what to say, what not to say, what to do, what not to do.”

As I have been contemplating these issues over the past few weeks, one of my recent steps in my Steps to Knowledge practice was Step 253. “All Things I Truly Need Will Be Provided For Me.” Since the opportunity to live in the country has basically been handed to me on a platter, I take particular delight and comfort in this step.

I am on a freedom journey, and only time will tell where this freedom journey will take me. I wish to be ready to meet every consequence and fulfill every necessity.

* * *

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