Flowing and Flexible

flowing and flexible

I am dedicated to practicing Steps to Knowledge as they are presented, not changing or adjusting the lessons to meet my tastes and expectations. But I hasten to add that they are in no way rigid and rigorous, they are flowing and flexible.

This is the conclusion I come to in Step 42, another review of the past week of practice.

Now some attentive reader may say, hey, aren’t you jumping the gun? What about Step 41. I am not afraid of the power of God? Very good, but in truth I have not skipped this Step, I have shared on it previously in this space. That was before I cottoned on to the fact that it might be better to write about my Steps practice methodically, beginning at Step 1. In my Step 41 post “I Wish To Venture Forth,” I shared a poem by Robert Frost called The Road Not Taken, which I interpreted as a leap of faith, a choice made on the spur of the moment. Again, something flowing and flexible.

Flowing and flexible

Step 42. Review says that I need only follow the curriculum to receive its true rewards. I need only follow, in faith and in true expectation. And in so doing, one of the things I will develop is self-worth.

I zoned in on this, since it is something I struggle with, and wrote in my notes:

  • Self-worth…. This is a tough one because for me it seems so easy for a feeling of self-worth to develop into arrogance, and whenever that happens I am brought back to earth with a thud. The self-worth it talks about here though has a different quality that I want to cultivate—valuing myself enough to feel I am worthy of the great gifts of Knowledge–hmmm, there seems to be something in that. And again, looking at things without judgment is certainly an attribute to be cultivated.I want to take what is being offered and use it for my Higher Good and, since I am part of the whole, for the Higher Good of the rest of humanity. I humbly wish to follow in faith and in true expectation, and receive the true rewards.

Again, I find it so refreshing that Steps acknowledges that I might have difficulty, but not to worry, I just need to recognize the problems and attempt to correct them. Again, I am to look without judgment and see what has been offered, what I have done and what I can possibly do to deepen my practice. Now I do not believe you can get much more flowing and flexible than that.

* * *

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