Fathoming The Unfathomable

fathoming the unfathomable

I often liken taking Steps to Knowledge to an exercise in fathoming the unfathomable. This also goes right along with exploring the mystery that I am so partial to.

Step 43. My Will Is To Know God is a very bold statement, and since I have a very nebulous idea of what God might be, I certainly consider this an exercise in fathoming the unfathomable.

Yes, it is my will to know God. I wish I could be handed a clear-cut and concise explanation on a plate, one I could always carry with me and pull out for reference and show others whenever necessary.

I reached Step 43 on December 21, 2012 – a portentous day for many on the planet with conflicting interpretations – and wrote:

“I am not afraid and will not let fear and doubt cloud my mind. My will is to know God. On this day December 21, 2012,  as we enter a new era of soul consciousness and step across a new threshold in the evolution of the Universe, enter a new gateway of possibilities, I  too want to step through the doorway into a greater universe and greater life.”

Fathoming the unfathomable

But what is God and what am I to know? God comes in many different garbs and guises, depending on who is doing the dressing and fashioning. Much is invested in God, much is expected of God, much is idolized about God, and much is misconstrued about God, in my humble opinion.

Now I can tell you what I think God is not. God is not “something” or “someone” who watches over me, who has my best interests at heart, who is going to make wrong things right and bad things good, who is going to come at my beck and call and fix things for me. God will not even send a team of helpers to deal with some problem on the planet or some problem in my personal life. I do not believe that is how God works. I think of God more in terms of an energy, an all-pervading energy that permeates everything and is manifested according to some intricate universal law, something I have great difficulty in fathoming.

As another student of Steps to Knowledge put it: “If there is a disturbance, there is an energy that responds to that disturbance. Whatever that disturbance is, the required balancing energy is activated and makes its way to where it is needed to re-establish balance.”

Now this really resonates with me. This makes fathoming the unfathomable more fathomable. Are you still with me?

It is my will to know God, and it is my will to find more fathomable terms for expressing the unfathomable.

* * *

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