Experiencing A Great Love

Experiencing a Great Love

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Experiencing a great love may not be something that most people find themselves engaged in on any given day. However, people practicing Steps to Knowledge are encouraged to do a lot of experiencing. For instance, in addition to experiencing a great love, they are encouraged to experience what they feel and know, experience great relationships, experience the greatest truth of life.

In Step 24, I had the insight that the greatest truth of life was accepting that I was worthy of God’s love. Step 25. I Am At One With The Greatest Truth of Life begins with a question: “What is the greatest truth of life?” I take this to mean that Steps are gently nudging me to recall what I experienced in the previous step so that I can elaborate on it in this one.

In Step 25, I am to experience a great relationship which is the product of a great truth. I understand this great relationship to be my relationship with the God of my understanding. This relationship is one of pure love and how can I not be worthy of it if it represents my true essence?

My notes for this Step say: “Things are intuitively becoming clearer as I move from one Step to the next. Doubt and skepticism do not seem real any more, they may surface now and again, but then they disappear like a puff of smoke, leaving a sense of deeper knowing that I am moving in the right direction. I am truly feeling this experience of the Greater Truth of Life and opening myself up to receive it more and more. It is very empowering.”

However, this Step is more than about just recognizing what the greatest truth of life might be, it is about experiencing the relationship I have with it. The Step tells me that I hold a great relationship with life. I hold a great relationship with my Teachers who are within me. And I am preparing to take this relationship out into the world, but first I must experience its source. I must receive before I can give. To share a great love honestly I must be experiencing it.

But what does experiencing a great love mean? What does it mean to hold a great relationship with life? What do these things look like on any given day in any given life? Baffling indeed!

Experiencing a great love

I am recalling at this point another teaching of the New Message from God called The Great Love. This is the first New Message text I ever read and it prompted me to explore the New Message further.

This text provides me with some inkling, some understanding that I am dealing with deeper concepts here, something that goes beyond my customary experience and knowing. I can only trust that as I proceed things will become apparent:

There is a greater love. There is the Great Love, the love that God has placed within you, within every person, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be expressed and experienced.

… you were born with a deeper mind, the mind of Knowledge. This mind does not think like your intellect thinks. It sees and it knows …. This deeper mind is called Knowledge in the New Message because it is related to the experience of direct knowing, the experience of affinity, the experience of true recognition and the experience of true relationship.

I understand from this that experiencing a great love is something that will unfold naturally as I proceed with my practice of Steps to Knowledge.


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