Errors May Be Serendipitous

Errors may be serendipitous

I like to describe my experience of taking Steps to Knowledge so far as a series of serendipitous events. Serendipity is something I am very partial to.

Wikipedia describes it this way:

“Serendipity is not just a matter of a random event, nor can it be taken simply as a synonym for “a happy accident” (Ferguson, 1999; Khan, 1999), “finding out things without searching for them” (Austin, 2003), or “a pleasant surprise” (Tolson, 2004) ..

The New Oxford Dictionary of English defines serendipity as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a satisfactory or beneficial way, understanding the chance as any event that takes place in the absence of any obvious project (randomly or accidentally), which is not relevant to any present need, or in which the cause is unknown.”

It goes on to say:

The serendipitous can play an important role in the search for truth, but is often ignored in the scientific literature because of traditional scientific behavior and scientific thinking based on logic and predictability.”

I added the bold italics to this phrase, since this speaks so loud and clear to me.

Errors may be serendipitous

When I reached Step 26. My Errors Give Birth to My Knowledge, this serendipity thing rose to its full height and opened in full bloom. It suggests in this Step that I not justify my errors, but what if I turn them around into fortuitous events that take me in a direction I was not intending? What if they bring me to value truth and in this leads me to true Knowledge?

One particular error I made in the summer of 2012 led me to the New Message from God and set me on the journey to Steps to Knowledge in October 2012. Call this what you will, but I call it serendipitous.

* * *

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