Errors Can Lead To True Knowledge

Errors can lead to true knowledge

It has been my experience that errors can lead to true knowledge.

I have shared on Step 26. My Errors Give Birth to My Knowledge before in this space, when I claimed that errors could be serendipitous.

This still holds true for me and I will bolster it even further by reiterating that errors can lead to true knowledge.

Step 26 tells me that it is pointless to justify error, nor can errors be condoned. They are not something to be blithely glossed over in the vain hope I can forget them.  Rather they are something to enter into a partnership with, they need to be accepted, they are to be utilized to derive value from, I would do well to have them give up their secrets. Douglas quotes George Washington Carver and gives some pertinent pointers here.

My notes for this Step say: This Step is so pertinent to me today. It adds a new quality and depth to my analysis of my errors.

It has been my practice in the past to try and recognize errors for what they are but not blame or beat myself over the head for them. However, often it is difficult to have a kind and loving attitude toward myself for my errors, but I realize that self-forgiveness is the only way to pick up and move on. So the sentence below from the Step really spoke to me.

What this truly means is that you recognize that error is error and then you attempt to use it on your own behalf.

Errors can lead to true knowledge

Errors can lead to true knowledge

I will elaborate on what I wrote in my previous post on Step 26 about one particular error in the summer of 2012 that led me to the New Message from God. That summer I travelled with my husband to the north of Russia looking for a place we might find our dream house in the country. We found a village on the shores of Lake Onega where we thought we might like to live. We made the acquaintance of a local couple we thought might help us on our way. Their friendship proved hollow, their mentoring false. I was pulled in a direction that may have proven disastrous had I not come to my senses in time. I suffered, it was painful and discouraging, I experienced a giant setback in my spiritual development. The upshot was that I recognized the error for what it was and asked to be shown something new and empowering. Within a couple of weeks I found the New Message from God.

I consider this an example of how errors can lead to true knowledge.


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