Envisioning A Brighter Future

Envisioning A Brighter Future

When envisioning a brighter future, I envision more and more people waking up and embracing the concepts offered in the New Message. I specifically envision more and more people opening up to the greater intelligence that resides within each person.

The current January-February session of the Free School of the New Message from God offers an opportunity to explore a revelation titled The New World and what this means for us today. This revelation of the New World can be very sobering and even shocking, for in essence it is a wakeup call to take action before it is too late. And we have been heading for disaster for quite some time, only people do not want to take heed. Too many people still think they can go on using and abusing nature, spoiling and polluting the environment, taking more than they return, without it having any dire consequences. And physical demise of the planet is only one aspect. The mental, emotional, and spiritual impoverishment of humankind is also glaringly obvious.

However, I am an incurable optimist. I have undying faith in the human race and its ability to pull up its socks and get with it.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to do what it says here in this excerpt from The New World?

It is this time which can be so redeeming, so clarifying, so sobering, bringing people into the present where they can seek more simple pleasures, more natural activities, become more present to one another, more available to one another, more comprehending of what they see around them. It is within this that certain individuals will begin to reclaim a greater intelligence that resides within each person, an intelligence which we call Knowledge, a greater mind unspoiled by the world, unafraid of the world.

Envisioning a brighter future

In envisioning a brighter future, I take great comfort when I come across something like this. I highly recommend listening to all this boy has to say.

If more of our children had this vision and intelligence, my mind would rest at ease, a brighter future for our planet is guaranteed.


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