Emerging Into The Grace Of Reality

Emerging into the grace of reality2

As I continue to take Steps to Knowledge, I am emerging into the grace of Reality. This is what speaks to me most in Step 23. I Am Loved, Surrounded and Supported By The Teachers of God. As I practice Steps and emerge into Knowledge, I am calling my Teachers to my side, awakening from the sleep of my own imagination and emerging into the grace of Reality.

I recall that on the day I did this Step (November 26, 2012), I did not feel worthy of this love and support. I did not feel like I was one of the few who has the promise or the opportunity to receive this gift. Now I realize the folly of this thought, for if a gift is given, it should be graciously received. If I do not accept the gift my Teachers are so generously bestowing on me, if I do not accept their love and support, I am basically giving them a slap in the face. My feelings of being unworthy of the love and support of my Teachers come from the ego, from the surface mind, from the part of me that still lives in separation.

The Step tells me that the truth of the fact I am loved, surrounded and supported by my teachers will become self-evident as I prepare. I do not remember this idea particularly challenging me, I only remember not feeling worthy.

However, my Teachers surround me, love me, and support me whether I feel worthy of this or not. Today I do not see the benefit in feeling unworthy. The thought that I am emerging into the grace of Reality is much more potent.

Emerging into the grace of Reality

This Step places great emphasis on feeling the love and support of my Teachers. It is something to feel and know, not something to speculate on as an idea. I find I can indeed feel this support.

Emerging into the grace of Reality

I feel it most strongly when I am out in the countryside, in a natural setting, surrounded by the mystery and magic of nature. I pick a tree to put my arms around and feel its energy filling me. I feel my being merging with it. Here I feel the energy of my Teachers, their love and support. I am surrounded by them, filled with them, become one with them. This is when I truly feel I am emerging into the grace of Reality.


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