Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

Oleg Yankovsky Does Not Take Things Too Seriously in "That Very Same Munchhausen"

I am writing this post by way of light relief, as a call to not take things too seriously. Too often it is too easy to take things, myself included, too seriously.

Having said that, I must qualify it by adding that Steps to Knowledge often calls for giving things serious thought and serious consideration, even serious introspection. However, upon further review, I think this call for seriousness in Steps is of a different quality and has a different purpose from what I am inferring here.

I believe there is a certain amount of merit in being able to take things lightly and smiling, even ironically, at some of the things life tosses out at you, my recent inability to access Ascending Knowledge being one of them. When Knowledge is with me, I can be lighthearted.

This brings to mind one of my favorite Russian films, a classic that will live forever.

It is full of gems of wisdom, but the final scene is particularly worth drawing attention to.

Here is a translation of this clip (but I hope you will Watch [The Original] On YouTube).

“If only you knew how sick and tired I am of you all. For God’s sake, you have to understand, Baron Munchhausen is not famous for whether or not he flew to the moon but for the fact that he never lies – if I promised to fly to the moon again, then that is what I must do.”

“Are you ready, Martha?”

“Thomas, go home, get dinner ready. When I return, let it be six o’clock.”

“Six in the morning, or six in the evening?” asks Thomas.

“Six in the day,” replies Munchhausen.

Then he looks upon the beau monde of society gathered to watch the experiment they have orchestrated to see if he really is who he says he is (he is to ride on a cannonball to the moon) and says,

“I’ve realized what ails you, gentlemen, you’re all too serious. Going around with serious expressions on your faces isn’t a sign of an intelligent mind. All the stupidity on Earth is committed with precisely that kind of expression on the face. Smile, gentlemen, smile.”

* * *

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