Do You Have An Appetizer Sampler I Could Try?

I could be wrong about this, but I have a suspicion that some readers of this blog, particularly those who know me in other contexts, are thinking something.  I think they’re thinking something like, “Don’t get us wrong, Douglas, we’re happy that you’re enjoying doing this Steps to Knowledge thing, but it seems like an awfully big commitment.  You’ve been working on this for how long?  Three and a half years?  Does everyone take this long?  Can we find out just a little bit about this New Message from God thing, and this Marshall Summers guy, before signing up to do Steps to Knowledge?  Can we try an appetizer sampler, and see if we like it, before ordering the 24-ounce porterhouse steak?”

No, everyone does not take this long.  Some people follow the directions and a do a step each day, finishing in a year.  They are more competent students than I am.

The appetizer sampler you seek is here

* * *

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