Do The Leaves Of Green Stay Greener Through The Autumn?

beginning_of_autumn Do the leaves of green stay greener through the autumn

“Do the leaves of green stay greener through the autumn?
Does the color of the sun turn crimson white?
Does a shadow come between us in the winter?
Is the movement really light?” – Yes, “The Ancient: Giants Under the Sun”

Jesus had support beyond his disciples. Luke 8 tells us that Joanna, Susanna and Mary Magdalene financially supported the ministry of Jesus. In Luke 10, Jesus sent out 72 disciples to the places he would go in the future. The 72 disciples were an “advance team,” as it were.

Muhammad had the Sahabas, the companion disciples, who were with Muhammad during his lifetime, and died as Muslims. After the death of Muhammad in 632, the Sahabas played a great role in the preservation of the recited Quran in written form. Their testimonies were the basis of the body of traditions of the life of Muhammad.

Do the leaves of green stay greener through the autumn?

Who does Marshall Vian Summers have? The Society for the New Message from God. I have introduced them in this post, and described their accomplishments over their 20+ year history. The Society includes Ellen Mitchell…

Ellen-MitchellDarlene Mitchell (no relation)…

Darlene-Mitchelland Jeanine Butler (who functioned as the in-house yogini during the recent Encampment)


Between the 2014 Encampment and now, the Society has grown in my mind. While they have accomplished a great deal, they are so much more than an advance team or a support team. The Society is a group of people who have demonstrated consistent representation of the New Message from God and its Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers.

I have said this before, and I will say it again, that if the New Message from God catches on in the world, the Society will be one of the reasons. But there is more to say than that. It was my blessing to have occasional chats with Society members at Encampment. While they were busy with a lot of work, their faces shone with joy. Do the leaves of green stay greener through the autumn? All I know is that Ellen, Darlene and Jeanine do.

* * *

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