Do Not Be Overrighteous, Neither Be Overwise

Sometimes people get a little too clever for their own good.  One of the drawbacks of downloading the .pdf version of Steps to Knowledge is that the guidelines as to how to do Steps effectively is in a separate .pdf file than the steps themselves.

I believe there are some people who are thinking they might steel themselves against the new ideas they are encountering by looking ahead of whatever step they are on.  The introduction says to avoid that:

“Do not skip ahead or alter the sequence to practice lessons that you find to be attractive. Each lesson is designed to take you one step at a time.This provides a safe and successful passage in your approach to Knowledge. Follow and utilize the step for the day. It is perfect for that day.”

Someone is thinking “Well, that’s all well and good for you, you’re further down the road than the step about which you are writing.”  This is true, but I’m only going to write about what people might get from a particular step and the steps leading up to that step.  Got that?

Don’t try to be too clever by reading ahead.  Don’t try to be too clever by doing computer searches on particular words to see the contexts in which they are used in later steps.  Got that?


* * *

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1 thought on “Do Not Be Overrighteous, Neither Be Overwise

  1. Got it! 🙂
    Actually amazingly enough, I did not know about the guidelines and had not read them until I clicked on the link you gave here. But what do you know, I am approaching the Steps in precisely the way it recommends–no peeking ahead. Bully for me (hehe).

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