A Place Deeper Than Thought

A Place Deeper Than Thought

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In the current turbulent times of conflict and contradiction, I am relying on a place deeper than thought as my compass and guide. In any conflict there are always at least two sides with dramatically opposing views, while the truth may lie somewhere in between.

I do not know what the truth is in the current conflict in my part of the world (Russia/Ukraine) and I am not claiming to hold a particular view, or saying that I am thinking certain thoughts, or confessing to agree or disagree with what is written or said in the multitude of different media sources available. I wish to operate from a place deeper than thought, the place where Knowledge resides.

Stillness is a practice offered in Steps to Knowledge and hailed as a place where all things can be known. I can vouch for this practice and recommend it for anyone caught in the buffeting winds of doubt and confusion, conflict and contradiction. Stillness is a place deeper than thought where Knowledge resides and can be tapped into.

A place deeper than thought

Marshall Vian Summer’s book The Great Waves of Change also speaks of stillness and a place deeper than thought where things may be known.

In Chapter 12. Your Purpose and Destiny in a Changing World, I read:

You practice stillness not to get anything, but to learn to be still. You learn to be still so that you can feel and listen. You listen to develop the ability to listen so that when you are out in life, Knowledge within you can speak to you, guide you and hold you back when that is necessary.

In this video, Marshall says, “While the world becomes more chaotic, it is time to pull in, to listen deeply to the power that is within you, a power and a presence that is greater than your intellect, greater than your mind. It dwells within a deep well of silence, a great space within you that exists beneath the surface of your mind. Here you will find clarity, here you will escape deception, confusion, fear and anxiety. You are entering the deep well of the mind now.”

Marshall goes on to say, “This must be your compass and your guide for the difficult and turbulent times ahead.”

In the turbulent times of the current Russian/Ukrainian conflict, I am arming myself with this compass and guide and relying on Knowledge which resides in a place deeper than thought.

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