The Deeper Meaning Of Your Life

marshallviansummers The deeper meaning of your life.

This is a season of holy days for many people of the world. Marshall Vian Summers gave a blessing for this season on Christmas Day. The audio is available above. I am giving a text version below, without comment.

The deeper meaning of your life

May the blessing of the holy days, be with you. A time to reflect on the deeper meaning of your life, beyond the appearance of things in day to day activities.

This is a day to remember the great messengers who have come, who have all come from the Angelic Assembly to bring a new vision, purpose and meaning to the world, each adding a part of God’s greater plan for this world and for the human family.

Let your mind soar to this height, to consider these things, to take you beyond the pain and the restraints of this day, your concerns for tomorrow, and your anxiety about the future.

To be in this moment, to experience the great presence that is always available to each of us, if we can open and receive.

Let the holy days be truly holy in remembrance, and in this deeper practice, this moment of prayer and deep relationship that connects us to our source, and to the greater purpose that has brought each of your here, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be lived, and waiting to be fulfilled.

May this day bless you, and all the days when this can be remembered, and all the times that you recall that you have this sacred power and association with you, in you, deep beneath the surface of the mind.

Give this gift to yourself, for you are most worthy.

Allow your mind to be free of condemnation of others, and of the grievances and aggravations of the world, and each day will be a holy day, when you can do this, and give yourself to this, for this is why you are here. And this honors those who sent you, who watch over you even now.

* * *

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