Consider That In Your Calculations

put-option-vs-call-option Consider that in your calculations.In the financial world, the phrase “priced in” is frequently used as a transitive verb. Here is an example:

A client of mine who has also been bearish [expecting stock prices to decline] kept asking me if all of the bad news was already priced in as the market recovered somewhat over the past few weeks.

In this example, “priced in” means “included in the price,” or “taken into consideration when setting the price of something.”

Consider that in your calculations

Steps to Knowledge could be thought of as the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God. It consists of 365 steps, each building on the previous steps. I am engaging with Steps to Knowledge for the second time. I recently studied Step 70, which is a review of Steps 50 through 69. As I reviewed my practice of Step 60, “I will not judge the world today,” I read these words:

“Without your judgments, Knowledge can indicate what you must do and what you must understand. Knowledge represents a greater judgment, but it is a judgment that is very different from your own, for it is not born of fear. It does not possess anger. It is always meant to serve and to nourish. It is just, in that it gives true recognition to every person’s current state without belittling their meaning or their destiny.”

As I read these words, I saw something in my mind’s eye. I saw Knowledge, the great mystery of my life, my True Self, the love of God, “pricing in” things beyond my perception when it prompts me to do something. It is as if Knowledge were pricing in a person’s current state of development when encouraging me to engage with someone. It is as if Knowledge were pricing in the lessons a person was learning, the relationships a person was reclaiming, when restraining me from engaging with a particular person.

There is a similar idea in the New Message revelation “God’s Ancient Covenant with Humanity”

Here [engagement with the deeper conscience in the individual] you cannot make absolute beliefs because Knowledge may ask one person to do one thing and tell another person not to do that. You cannot say, “My belief is the Will of God.” Because the Will of God is manifesting itself in countless ways, working through individuals from the inside out, how can you predict what is absolutely correct for everyone? You cannot. It is dishonest. It is foolish. And it ends up being destructive to the lives of people.

The Knowledge I am questing for isn’t a static rule, but a dynamic intelligence. Consider that in your calculations.

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