What The Human Family Must Do Now

What the human family must do now

Sometimes I feel that the New Message from God is designed to be uninteresting to certain kinds of people. To those who covet wealth, the New Message says “What you don’t need will make you confused.” If you crave fame, the New Message says “The Wise remain hidden.” The New Message tells those who seek relationships “Relationships will come to you when you are prepared.” It takes a certain kind of person to engage with the New Message. Therefore, I sometimes wonder if the New Message will find its place in the heart of the human family.

What the human family must do now

But every so often I hear a report of people from all over the world finding the New Message. Some of them come from the relentless efforts of tireless advocates. Others come through seemingly chance encounters. Is it enough? I don’t know, but it’s definitely more than what would have happened had we done nothing.

In the gospel of Luke, many people in various situations asked John the Baptist what they should do to demonstrate their repentance. I share this because I dare to dream of a day when people in various situations ask “What does this New Message from God say humanity must do?” An enterprising student made a list, collected from various New Message teachings. These are not in any particular order.

  1. Humanity must cease and prevent all war. If there is another all-out war, it will be the end of humankind.
  2. The human family must unite to solve global problems. In particular, the climate becoming less hospitable, and the environment becoming more polluted and unsupportive of life.
  3. Humankind must restore the natural environment. We must give back to nature what we have taken. Replant the forests, cleanse the waters, clear the skies.
  4. The human family must limit consumption of resources. Overconsumption is the engine of war.
  5. Humanity must limit population. More people means more consumption. Please note that this must be done in the most humane way possible.
  6. Humankind must learn of the Greater Community. We must prepare for emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life.
  7. The human family must provide for its members. There will be great stress in the future when certain regions of the world become uninhabitable due to rising seas and drying lands.
  8. Humanity must take in displaced persons. There were many of these in World War II. There may be more in the days to come.
  9. Humankind must preserve human civilization. While not many realize it, we are in a race to save human civilization.
  10. The human family must resist extraterrestrial intervention. There are craft in our skies. There are people being taken against their will. This is not benevolence.

This is what the human family must do now. I realize some people are reading this and saying “Good luck with that!” But I accept the miracles in my life as a demonstration of the presence of Knowledge. Sociologist Jem Bendell said something recently that might make a good exclamation point. “I remain a positive pessimist: I anticipate a very difficult future but continue to hunger for new ideas for how to reduce harm and find joy in the process.”

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