Blazing a New Trail

blazing a new trail

I feel that the New Message from God is blazing a new trail.

I may be losing my touch (if I ever had it to begin with), but I keep feeling a prompt to write this post. It began as I was reading The River Why by David James Duncan.

I just happened to come across this book in my Moscow apartment as I was packing to move out into the country and decided to take it with me. I have no idea how it came to be in my Moscow apartment, mind you.

Several months down the road in my village home, I began reading it. And I am glad I did. I am enjoying the writer’s style of expression, I am enjoying the fishing and country living aspects it portrays, and I am enjoying the philosophical and metaphysical undertones and interplay. And when I read the following passage, I thought, well now, isn’t that just what the New Message from God’s Book One: God Has Spoken Again is all about?

“…the metaphysicians … say that Time is not linear but cyclical, and the unprecedented amount of chaos in our day and age is due to the fact that we are approaching the end not just of a Cycle of Time, but a Cycle of Cycles. Now the fag-ends of Cycles have always meant Bad Times, but compared to the end of a Cycle of Cycles they’re almost mellow: some day soon, say the metaphysicians, so much cosmic havoc and hockey will hit the fan that the whole damned fan will short-circuit, Creation will go bideep, and Heaven will be forced to play the greatest Ace ever held in the hole to keep us all from biting the dust …”

Blazing a new trail

And isn’t this what is happening? We are reaching the end of a Cycle of Cycles and the fan is about to short-circuit, so Heaven is playing the greatest Ace ever held in the hole by sending us The New Message from God.

To be honest, I am wondering how to share this message. The fact that God has spoken again is not something you hear every day and certainly not something that many, if not most, people are going to even be receptive to hearing.

On that note, I received my second prompt. I came across an interesting article shared by another New Message student that seems to answer my dilemma.

It is called “Why Evangelism Should Focus On Receptive People” by Rick Warren and it says there in part:

“The fact is, receptiveness to the Gospel varies widely at different times of people’s lives. Sometimes people are very open to the Gospel and sometimes they’re very closed. And receptivity doesn’t last forever.

Jesus knew this very well, and so He said, “Go to the people who will listen”. In sending the disciples out to evangelize, He said,

If a home or town refuses to welcome you or listen to you, leave that place and shake the dust off your feet.

– Matthew 10:14 (NCV)

And now we have the Parliament of the World’s Religions, being held in Salt Lake City from October 15-19, 2015, in which people of the New Message from God are participating and presenting the new book God Has Spoken Again (and giving it away for free, I will add).

I have no doubt that they will aptly and judiciously bring the New Message to the world’s attention, for in keeping with one of the Steps in the Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training, they will be “bringing the freshness of Spirit into the religions of the world and into the reality of the world.” It is my hope that they will find people there who will listen. It is my hope that they will be welcomed, that their words will fall on receptive ears, that they will forge ahead, blazing a new trail for people to follow.

So when I ask myself: has God spoken again? And when I realize this may be very difficult to believe, I say: Do some probing, do some reading, look deep under the surface of your mind, look beyond stereotypical thinking, reach for what you have always known but forgotten, reawaken ancient memories, and you will know the Truth. For those who believe it, we are blazing a new trail, and isn’t that ripe with goodness and promise?

* * *

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