Beyond Your Ideas and Beliefs

Beyond your ideas and beliefs

The ability to reach beyond your ideas and beliefs requires an open mind, a hefty helping of flexibility and, paradoxically, some skepticism. At least, this is the way I see it. And I am totally open to this not being the way many, perhaps most, people see it. But really, does this matter, when all is said and done? The main thing for me, the clincher in fact, is whether or not it strikes a chord deep inside, a bell of recognition, a spark of memory, something elusive but very real. If this is something you have experienced, you will know what I am talking about.

One of the revelations in the New Message from God is called “The Engagement.” It was revealed to Marshall Vian Summers on April 16, 2011 in Boulder, Colorado.

It opens with the following sentence:

“The Higher Authority is speaking to you now, speaking through the Angelic Presence, speaking to a part of you that is the very center and source of your Being, speaking beyond your social conditioning, beyond your ideas and beliefs and the ideas and beliefs of your culture and even your religion.”

The very words and concepts used here may be beyond your ideas and beliefs. The very notion of a New Message from God may be beyond your ideas and beliefs. The very possibility that God has spoken again and spoken through a Messenger for these times and future times may be beyond your ideas and beliefs. I know it is often beyond mine, but I hear that chord, that bell struck, I sense that spark of memory, I recognize the calling to engage that echoes down the ancient corridors of my mind.

The revelation goes on to say:

“People want many things. They have great fears. Many people have firm beliefs. But the Higher Authority speaks beyond these things to all who can see and hear and who can respond at a deeper level.”

“Many people have firm beliefs…” yes, indeed, but are they true? I prefer not to have any firm beliefs, I prefer to reach beyond my ideas and beliefs to embrace that elusive essence that lies at a deeper level. I do not need proof, I only feel something move and resonate within me.

“Within the New Message from God, the Engagement refers to your engagement with your Spiritual Family, with the Presence, with Knowledge, and ultimately with God,” I read in The New Message from God Wiki.

Beyond your ideas and beliefs

How do I engage with these things? How do I embrace that elusive essence that lies at a deeper level?

My Step today in the spiritual practice called “Steps to Knowledge” is Step 333. “There is a presence with me. I can feel it.” I am on this step the second time around, and to tell you the truth, I am doing anything but feeling this presence today. But I discover that this is okay. It is okay to be skeptical. I find confirmation of this in the blog of another Steps student who shares his journaling on Step 189. My Spiritual Family exists in all places.

A different Step, a different day’s practice, but do you see the connection? I, personally, see the connection with Step 333 I am practicing today. I see the connection with the reference I gave about the word “engagement” as it is used in the New Message from God. And I love these synchronicities. This is the beauty of this spiritual practice, everything intertwines and blends. This gives me confidence, this eases my skepticism, this shows me that beyond my ideas and beliefs, a whole vista of enticing possibilities opens up.

Beyond your ideas and beliefs

One of my favorite authors is Amy Tan. I have read many of her books. Today I just finished reading Saving Fish from Drowning. I will not give a plot summary here, you can look at the link for that. I will only quote the last paragraph:

“I now know what’s beyond here. My friends once had a glimpse of it. It was in the breath that lifted a hundred emerald beetles. It was in the echoes that followed each beat of the drum. It was in the absolute stillness when all minds were one. I can’t say more than that, for it should remain a mystery, one that never ends.”

When you reach beyond your ideas and beliefs, you just may find the very thing you have been wishing to engage with all along. For me it is an echo that reverberates throughout the Universe and joins all awakened minds in recognition of the truth.

* * *

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