Beyond Fear Lies The Truth

beyond fear lies the truth

Touch drawing by Deborah Koff-Chapin

I am happy to accept that beyond fear lies the truth. However, I have this presumptuous notion that I know what fear is all about. I am currently on Step 51 of Steps to Knowledge: “Let me recognize my fears so that I may see the truth beyond them” for the second time.

When I did this Step the first time, I wrote in my journal:

“I feel as though I understand fear, its mechanism and how it influences people – it prevents people from being who they really are since it restricts them, it prevents people from thinking in expansive ways, it keeps them boxed in. Fear clips the wings and prevents people from taking risks and reaching their full potential. I have worked with my fears and feel the reality beyond them. Fear will not stop what is going to happen to me, it will happen anyway. The thing is to boldly face fear and step through it, believing that the outcome will be much greater than I ever imagined. It is the same as following a path I had no intention of taking and finding myself right where I need to be, stepping out of my comfort zone and being prepared to face whatever awaits me. There are imaginary fears and real fears. Fear is defeating and debilitating, it freezes your ability to respond adequately, thus reducing your chances of success. Metaphorically speaking, in order to walk a tightrope, you have to lose your fear of falling.”

After these bold words, I did have the foresight to add:

“All in all, however, this is a difficult Step to grasp. Perhaps I don’t understand fear at all because I have not been in situations that bring up fear. I am asking for clarity about fear.”

Beyond fear lies the truth

Can I say I have more clarity about fear the second time around? I still accept that beyond fear lies the truth and I receive confirmation of this.

The New Message from God revelation called “The Separation” speaks perfectly to this dilemma. There I read:

“To understand the reality of God and God’s work in the world and in the universe around you, you must understand your own situation clearly, for you are living in a state of separation, in a physical reality, in time and space.

“You are living in separation from your Source and from Creation itself, which exists beyond the physical reality entirely. You are living in a temporary reality. It is impermanent. It is changing. It is expanding. It is chaotic. It is governed by its own laws and dynamics.

“You are a spiritual being living in a physical reality.

“To become really true to yourself and right with yourself, you must gain access to your deeper nature, which is still connected to Creation, still connected to that Greater Reality from which you have come and to which you will return.”

I think that coming to understand this separation, realizing the limits of my current situation, i.e. that I am living in a state of separation, is the key to recognizing my fears and seeing the truth beyond them. I recognize that my fears are born of this changing, chaotic state that I currently live in, so they are as impermanent and temporary as it is. But I have a deeper nature, a nature still connected to Creation, to my Source, to a Greater Reality, and in this state of consciousness fear has no place.

* * *

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