Better Yet, There Is A Way To Knowledge For Me

Step 38 of Steps to Knowledge “God knows the way to Knowledge” inspired a similar response in me to the one inspired by step 37 “There is a way to Knowledge.” God had darn well better know the way to Knowledge!  But step 38 added something in which I took comfort; the idea that other people had found and taken a successful way to Knowledge for them.

The Kabir poem “Music” gives the idea that there are people who undertake certain sets of practices because someone else did in some time and some place, and were successful. Are they engaging in something that is necessary, but not sufficient, or is the whole enterprise doomed from the beginning because they are imitating someone else instead of exploring the mystery of their own life?

Someone reading this just thought “Well, what about atheists?  Are they just out of luck with this Knowledge thing?”  Atheists can experience things as self-evident, in a way that inspires consistent action.

Thinking about step 38 encourages me to think that one inner meaning of step 37 is “There is a way to Knowledge for me.”  Thinking about step 38 encourages me to think that one inner meaning of step 38 is “God knows the way to Knowledge for me (and He’s not hiding it from me, either.)”


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One thought on “Better Yet, There Is A Way To Knowledge For Me

  1. There is certainly merit in finding one’s own way and not just going along with what someone else did, albeit successfully. What was successful for one may not be successful for others. So while it may be useful to take what others have done successfully as pointers leading in the right direction, I think at the end of the day the most important thing is “to thine own self be true”. This requires the inner searching that I feel Steps is calling for.

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