Better Beyond Hope

In my opinion, any student of Steps to Knowledge who arrives at Step 6 has accomplished something.  Any student who arrives at Step 6 has endured the description of the insanity of the human condition provided by Step 4 (“I want what I think I know”) and Step 5 (“I believe what I want to believe).  If they haven’t run screaming from the room at this point, they’ve accomplished something.

In Step 6, “I have a true foundation in the world,” we are told that not only have we come into the world, but we have not come into the world empty-handed.  I take great consolation in that statement, for in my life, it seemed from time to time that I just wasn’t up to what life was presenting to me.

In Step 6, there is a practice of pondering what my true foundation in the world could be, should be, or might be.  It would be reasonable to consider that the Knowledge toward which I am taking steps, might be that true foundation.  After all, Knowledge has already been called the greater aspect of mind that I have brought with me from my Ancient Home (Step 1).  After all, I’ve been told that Knowledge represents my True Self, my True Mind and my true relationships in the universe.

It should be noted that when I actually did Step 6 (sometime in June of 2010) I didn’t contemplate the text of earlier Steps nearly as much as I am doing in this post.  It didn’t occur to me to do so at the time.


* * *

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