Approaching A Moment Of Transmission

2016encampmentday1wordcloud5 Approaching a moment of transmissionI am indeed grateful for the opportunity to attend the 2016 Encampment of the New Message from God. I attended the 2012 Encampment and the 2014 Encampment, and written a good bit about both events. I have had a certain anxiety that I shared some things about previous Encampments that I should have kept private. But this Encampment was a much more public event than any previous one. Many of the particulars of this Encampment have already appeared in other online media.

Approaching a moment of transmission

On the night of Friday, September 9, 130 individuals from 17 countries gathered in the Rocky Mountains National Park for the 2016 Encampment. Some aspects of our gathering were prosaic. We started with introductions, including sharing how we felt about being here. A few people compared their being here to winning the lottery, a wondrous, highly improbable event. One person used the word “miracle.” I felt a feeling like that on the first evening of the 2014 Encampment.

Approaching a moment of transmission. This is what I felt on the first night of the 2016 Encampment. This is a reference to the dervish tale “The Time, The Place, The People.” In this tale, a king discovered that he could only learn a greater truth when the necessary conditions could be arranged. I felt like we were approaching that moment, a moment when much would be given, and much would be required.

Approaching a moment of transmission. The introductions were used to make the above word cloud. The more times a word was used, the larger the word appeared in the cloud. Therefore gratitude was the dominant feeling of the opening of the Encampment. Gratitude that the New Message from God and us had found each other, through some combination of prosaic and mysterious means. Gratitude for a chance to be with the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, while he is still in the world. Gratitude for the chance to participate in what may one day be called a historic event.

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  1. I always thought confidentiality meant what is spoken here (and here only) is to be heard only by those present.

    Did you really hear angels?

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