Moving To Another Level Of Reality

Another level of reality is where Knowledge is taking us if we can recognize its emergence in our lives.

another level of reality

Are you ready to move to another level of reality?

On Day 15 of the 2017 Steps Vigil, Patricia reviews a few things from Marshall’s teaching on Day 14 and brings forth some ideas that just were pouring forth from him today. She said, “Marshall is in a very unique state today, despite the onset of his cold symptoms. It was just issuing forth from him and I could barely get it all down in order to share some of it tonight. When the Revelation says ‘the Message is in the Messenger,’ this is true! Today he was carrying it like a light.”

She said that Marshall was in a rather subtle state [when he presented his teaching on Day 14] and his communication was rather subtle. Marshall said the following to Patricia: “Will people take the time to really experience this?” So we are encouraged to go back and really listen to what he has to communicate. This will be very constructive for us to review.

This review begins at around the 48.00 mark.

Moving to another level of reality

On Day 16, Patricia once again brings us some vital teaching from Marshall, a process that will help us to discern the movement of Knowledge in our lives.

She begins speaking at around the 37.00 mark.

“So in this Vigil, the Steps to Knowledge Vigil, we’ve been holding vigil with Marshall in order to realize many things. We are holding vigil together with Marshall to realize, to bring forward the realization that a New Message from God has been sent here. We’re holding vigil in order to realize that this man, this individual, was selected and prepared before this time to come here, to give his life to receive this Divine Revelation. So, in part, this vigil is to help to realize this, as fully as we are able.

“We’re here holding vigil with Marshall hopefully to realize that he has successfully done this.

“We’re holding this vigil together with him to realize and commemorate that 28 years ago, after years of preparation even then, Marshall received a pathway and preparation called Steps to Knowledge.

“We’re here, hoping to realize in this vigil, that we have found him. That we underwent a process that led to finding him. That we are some of the first to undertake the journey and the preparation that he received, to realize that together. And we’re here together to realize and to hold vigil for the fact that Knowledge is emerging in our lives, and has been.

“This is almost going to another level of reality, to realize things of this nature. And above all, we’re here with Marshall in this vigil, together, to realize that Knowledge is seeking increasingly to move, not only in us, but in the world, to the human family, worldwide, now.”

She credits Reed with bringing forward the realization that really this vigil is about the emergence of Knowledge.

“So really this vigil, the Steps to Knowledge Vigil, is about the emergence of Knowledge.

“Moments before coming here, Marshall came to me and said I have something I would like you to bring to our community and ask them if they would do this process.

“So this is coming directly from Marshall.

“Let us take a few moments to look into our past for evidence of Knowledge at work. Get centered and turn your mind inward. Let other thoughts be set aside for a few minutes. Be as present as you can.

“Now recall those times when you experienced what seemed like Knowledge moving you to do something or of Knowledge holding you back.

“If something comes to mind, remember the circumstances surrounding this experience or these experiences. Was this circumstance regarding a decision to be made, or something else? Recall what the feeling of movement and pressure felt like. Did you feel it in your mind, in your body? Did you feel it emotionally, as an emotion? Did it come with an image, or something else, some other feeling, that may have accompanied it?

“Recall what the movement or pressure felt like. Recall the entire experience and whether you followed this movement or pressure. No self-judgment here, you only want to know the reality of your experience.

“Recall the consequence of this experience and what you did.

“How did you view it at that time and how do you see this today?”

Have you moved to another level of reality?

“Marshall recommends that we repeat this process at home and write down what happened. He recommends keeping interpretation out of it. Just remember the experience and what happened as a result. Keep this writing in an important place, like a study journal that you can refer to. Keep this study to yourself for a while to keep other people’s views and interpretations out of it. Add details to these recollections as they come to mind.

“Try to determine and remember what the experience of feeling moved or directed felt like. And how it stood out in your experience so that you can recognize this when it happens again. Use your past, no matter how painful it might be, to capture these kinds of experiences.

“This is part of being a student of Knowledge, know what it feels like when Knowledge is moving you and the ways that Knowledge speaks to you.

“Why is this meaningful?

“We hold vigil to observe the importance of the New Message from God and Steps to Knowledge coming into our life. And we hold this vigil also to remember and consider the experiences of Knowledge we have had. How we responded to those experiences and the consequences of those experiences.”

In closing, I would just like to say that I have engaged in this process and been richly rewarded by some eye-opening results. Am I living at another level of reality? Maybe so.

* * *

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  1. Mind holds some kind of key to the nature of reality . Neither Planck nor Pauli followed up on the mystery they had uncovered. Einstein’s theory of relativity improved upon Newton by another factor of 10 million.

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