And I Heard A Million Voices Singing – 2014 Encampment Day 1

Boulder-Colorado-Flatirons And I heard a million voices singing

“And I heard a million voices singing
Acting to the story that they had heard about
Does one child know the secret and can say it
Or does it all come out along without you
along without you
along without you” – Yes, “The Ancient: Giants Under the Sun”

The Encampment of the New Message from God took place last week in the Rocky Mountain National Park, northwest of Denver, Colorado in the United States. I had a relatively short trip from Minnesota. Many participants came from much further away. There were participants from as far north as Sweden and South Korea and as far south as New Zealand and Brazil.

And I heard a million voices singing

Many participants from outside the Denver area get to the Encampment through Boulder, where the Society for the New Message from God is located. Boulder lives under the gaze of the Flatirons, shown above. It was my hope to meet some participants the night before, but it seemed more important to be mentally focused, well-rested, etc.

In some ways, the Encampment is like other conferences. The afternoon session of Day 1 was devoted to introductions, thinking of people who wanted to be there, but were not. I considered it one of my duties to remind people that Alisa was there in spirit, to be eyes and ears on her behalf. There were about 20 people whom I had met at the 2012 Encampment. There were a number of people with whom I have online relationships, whom I met in person for the first time. There were some people I had never met before.

At the 2012 Encampment, it took me about a day and a half to arrive at the idea that my fellow participants were more or less like me. This time it only took a couple of hours, a definite improvement.

Part of the modus operandi of the New Message from God involves questions. The asking of questions, the pondering of possible answers for questions, the being with questions, the asking for guidance regarding questions. During the evening session, one of the questions we were invited to ask ourselves was “Why am I here?” I had a number of answers, but the one I wish to share is:

I am here to witness a miracle.

I had an opportunity to share this answer. I found it remarkable that there was such an atmosphere of triumph in the room. I said “I don’t know about you, but I hear the angels singing already, and we’re just getting started.” I was speaking figuratively, but the sense of accomplishment was shared and palpable.

Does it mean something that this is the seventh annual Encampment of the New Message from God? Maybe. Does it mean something that we have more people at this Encampment than we have had at any previous one? Maybe. All I know is that the efforts I made to get to Encampment were already being rewarded. And I heard a million voices singing.

* * *

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