An Appointment In Aleppo

Citadel Hill in Aleppo, Syria. In July of 2009, Marshall Vian Summers had an appointment in Aleppo

Most of the time, there is very little reference in the revelations received by Marshall Vian Summers, to the location where the revelation is received. Most of the time, not much detail is available as to the events leading up to any particular revelation. The revelation “The Race to Save Human Civilization” is an exception on both counts.

An appointment in Aleppo

This revelation was received in the city of Aleppo, Syria, on July 22, 2009. Aleppo is a city of a little more than 2 million people. Some say Aleppo has been inhabited since as early as 5,000 BC. There is archeological evidence showing Aleppo as a commercial center in the third millennium BC. Others say Abraham milked his sheep on Citadel Hill in the photo, although I don’t know how anyone would know that. But the point is that Aleppo is a symbol of human civilization.

I have already introduced you to Reed Summers, son of Marshall Vian Summers, in this space. This is from his account of that day:

Together we [Reed and Marshall] walked through the Umayyad Mosque, had lunch overlooking its thousand-year-old minaret and talked to the shopkeepers of the ancient souq nearby. We walked up towards the old citadel, just in time to face roadblocks and soldiers – not because of any conflict – but because the Turkish foreign ministry was holding bilateral trade talks with the Syrian government. From atop the citadel we looked out on Aleppo. It was high Summer and the city hummed and steamed with movement and heat. Already millions of Iraqi refugees had relocated to northern Syria and we wondered aloud about the fate of the country.

Between the time of Reed’s account and now, the thousand-year-old minaret of the Umayyad Mosque was reduced to a pile of rubble in clashes between Syrian government forces and rebels. But they were not merely tourists. It is as if Marshall Vian Summers had an appointment in Aleppo, an appointment with revelation. Reed goes on to describe the receiving of this revelation:

That night, The Messenger sat quietly in our small room at the Al Faisal hotel. At his side was a voice recorder. He turned it on, checked the microphone and did a sound test. Then he closed his eyes and waited. A dull silence ensued. Looking over to the closed window, I could hear the blunt honking, revving and shouting of typical evening traffic. Through the faded drapery I looked over the rooftops of the nearby buildings. The sky was gray and the wind was picking up. Above the chaos of satellite dishes, water tanks and laundry hung out to dry, was a Syrian flag flying tall above a government building. It flapped violently against its own flagpole as the wind picked up. In that moment Marshall raised his head, eyes closed and the voice began speaking – not his voice – but the voice of revelation now about to deliver page 9201 of the New Message from God.

The Hotel Al-Faisal is comfortable, but not fancy. It’s not like Marshall Summers wakes up in the morning and decides to receive a revelation. According to the timeline of the New Message from God, there was a period of almost four years (late 2001 to late 2005) where no revelations were received. Marshall has a certain experience of something wanting to come through for a certain period of time prior to when this voice speaks. This voice is distinct from Marshall’s normal voice. The audio of this message is available, and its the only message I know of with car horns honking in the background of the audio. People aren’t counting pages these days, because everyone familiar with the New Message from God knows that it’s a large number, and still growing. The message continued…

And then the words came: “At this moment, you can stand in the middle of a city of two million people and in 20 years, it will be desolate.”

Those prophetic words drove into my mind like a steel hammered into the ground. And they’re lodged there. As I read about the unfolding tragedy of Aleppo I remember that time in 2009 when everything appeared to be normal. Normal outside that room, outside the closed window with the faded drapes. But inside the room, the voice of the New Message from God bore down with the pressure of 2013, 2017, 2025.

Now Aleppo is caught in a spiral of destruction and disintegration. But it was foreseen. This is why God’s New Message must reach the world. Because it can tell the world what is coming.

It must be mentioned that Aleppo was not mentioned by name in this message, but it is as if the voice of revelation answered the questions Reed and Marshall were wondering aloud about earlier in the day.

I have no desire to be an alarmist or doom-monger.  I don’t believe Marshall Vian Summers has a desire to be an alarmist or doom-monger. But if the thousand-year-old minaret of the Umayyad Mosque can be destroyed, are any other historical treasures safe? And if Aleppo, a city with millennia of habitation and civilization, can be desolate, then that seems to say something about the difficulty of the times ahead. Perhaps that was the barbed point of this appointment in Aleppo.

* * *

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