An Antidote For Inconsistency

Building the four pillars of your life is an antidote for inconsistencyFor various reasons, I have demonstrated a great deal of inconsistency over the course of my life. Therefore, I was pleased to discover that the New Message from God has some specific, practical counsel for me, an antidote for inconsistency, as it were. It is in the form of the revelation “Building the Four Pillars of Your Life,” which can be reached from the page “Experience the New Message from God.” This revelation was received in September of 2008. A fellow student shared it with me in the summer of 2010. I mentioned this teaching about a year and a half ago in sharing my experience of the 2012 Encampment. I am now feeling an inclination to share this with you in greater detail.

An antidote for inconsistency

Your life has four pillars; health, relationships, work/providership, and spiritual development. You need to build all of them. They need to be balanced with each other.

Most people are preoccupied with one of these pillars. Chances are good you know someone who is falling short of their opportunities in life. Chances are good they are falling short because of neglect of one or more of these pillars. Chances are good you know someone who is experiencing difficulty in life, because of imbalance between these four pillars. Their life is a wobbly, unbalanced table, unready for unexpected change or opportunity.

The weakest pillar has an eroding influence upon the stronger pillars. Thus, a person is as strong as their weakest pillar.

Some people are very interested in the possibility that they have a mission in life to fulfill. Some of these people are unwilling, for whatever reason, to do the necessary preparation to engage with that mission. A lot of the preparation activities are relatively mundane, like exercising, like showing up on time at work, like offering gratitude to someone who is nice to you.

Spiritual teachers who offer you abundance or enlightenment or fulfillment or spiritual powers, without telling you the necessity of building a foundation, are selling knowledge without difficulties, truth without falsehood, attainment without effort, and progress without sacrifice. Chances are good you know such teachers. Chances are good these teachers themselves experience neglect or imbalance in the aforementioned pillars.

This teaching could be considered as an antidote for inconsistency, an antidote for unbalanced, inharmonious action and engagement.

Some people look at this task of building the four pillars in such a way that they are strong, tall and balanced, and think “Whoa! That sounds like a lot of work!” It is indeed, but it is also the price of admission for a successful life of greater purpose. What is the metric of success?

“What is success? Success is the ability to experience and express the greater purpose that has brought you into the world, a greater purpose that will require strong relationships, a greater purpose that will require that you are stable and that you can adapt to changing circumstances in the world, a greater purpose that will require that you have a deep connection to the greater Knowledge that God has placed within you, to guide you and to protect you and to lead you to your greater life.”

It is my aspiration to build the four pillars of my life, strong, tall and balanced. I am pleased to take my medicine. I am pleased that there is an antidote for inconsistency.

* * *

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