There Is A Certain Ambience In Sound

There is a certain ambience in sound.

ambience in sound

I have different reactions to sound. There are certain sounds that give rise to a feeling of panic within me and make me want to run and hide. I want to remove myself as far as possible from that intruding noise. Some of these sounds come from musical instruments, discordant, clanging sounds that arouse immense discomfort and yes, panic, in the very core of my being.

Then there are other sounds, sounds that work their magic in my heart and soul, in my life and in my world. These sounds are woven into ethereal music sung by an ethereal voice that opens up the path to Heaven.

There is a practice I enjoy when I meditate, or enter Stillness, as it is referred to in the New Message. It involves concentrating on the chakras. And each of the chakras has its own sound tone. A few years ago, I became aware that there are more than just the seven chakras that reside within the body. There are 12 chakras, and the 12th is also the Soul Star, or what I call the God Realm. It holds the music of the soul, and its golden bud blooms into a golden lotus as the person matures spiritually. I found some interesting reading about this chakra here.

Perhaps the sounds that work their magic in my heart and soul are those born in the Soul Star, the God Realm, the Twelfth Chakra.

There is a certain ambience in sound.

Hilary Canto, a woman of Knowledge and responder to the New Message of God, brings us songs that are not of her own creation, but which come through her from God. She is their conduit. And she is blessed with the gift of a beautiful, clear and pure voice, the perfect vehicle for manifesting these heavenly songs here on Earth. They transport me to another realm. They cause a shift of consciousness within me and touch me deep in my heart. They fill me with a profound sense of joy and wellbeing, a feeling of being carried aloft to some heavenly sphere. They evoke a feeling that all is right in my life, that the Presence is with me and I am truly blessed.

I believe this is God speaking to me. This experience is expressed in the New Message teaching called Following the Presence.

“This is how God speaks to you. And you may not hear this as a voice. It may be a feeling, an image, a sound… People experience the power and presence of Knowledge differently, according to their individual orientation.”

There is a certain ambience in sound.

The strings of my heart seem to be tuned to these incredibly lovely songs sung in voice that speaks to the very depths of my being.

I share a couple of these songs with you here.

These songs are copyrighted material and are registered with the Performing Rights Society.

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