Alone Is An Unword In This Poem

I recall being not particularly happy with my study of step 25 in Steps to Knowledge “I am at one with the greatest truth of life” for multiple reasons.

I was eagerly waiting for a proposition to be proposed, only to be told that this great truth is an experience coming from great relationships.

Steps to Knowledge has already used the word “great” a number of times, and consistently uses it as an descriptive adjective signifying “large” or “larger than other things.”

I was not particularly happy with being told I hold a great relationship with life. On my weaker days, I have a hard time thinking life and I have been very good to each other. On my stronger days, I try to be a little bit better to life, and I recognize that life is trying to be a little bit better to me.

I was not particularly happy with being told I hold a great relationship with my Teachers, who are within me.  Are they merely a mental construct?  That doesn’t seem to go with Step 22 “I am surrounded by the Teachers of God” and Step 23 “I am loved, surrounded and supported by the Teachers of God.”  I was not particularly clear as to what was meant by “within,” and not particularly happy about that.

I was not particularly happy with being instructed to practice feeling this relationship.  I was not happy because I was still struggling with the very premise of practicing feeling something, and the fact that I’ve been given this instruction three times in the first 25 steps, signified to me that this is something about which I need to come to a better resolution.  I was not particularly clear as to which relationship I was being asked to practice feeling.  My relationship with life?  My relationship with my Teachers?

You get the idea.  On the other hand, other students have reported great happiness as they practiced this step.  It would seem that analysis has its limits.  That might be the point.


* * *

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