After Further Review, Put Down The NFL, And Slowly Back Away

Joe Flacco, MVP of 2013 Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLVII

About a year ago, I wrote in this space about a practice or attitude adopted by students of the New Message from God called the Deep Evaluation.  This brief description of the Deep Evaluation comes from the book The Great Waves of Change:

“The deep evaluation is really an evaluation of what you are giving your life to and what you are assigning in life to be your chief influences, for every relationship represents an influence. This power of influence is very significant, but most people are not aware of it or its consequences.”

A human being is free to choose his influences.  A human being is not free not to choose what she assigns to be her chief influences.  A human being is not free to not experience the influence of whatever he assigns to be his chief influences.  I have a hard time arguing with this.

Somehow, I have a connection inside me between this time of year, and Deep Evaluation activities.  Last year, the subject of scrutiny was my relationship with Twitter. Since my last post about Twitter, I’ve only tweeted about 800 tweets, an average between 2 and 3 tweets per day, instead of the 18 tweets per day I was tweeting.  What is the scrutinized involvement now?  Watching and following American professional football.

I was a Dallas Cowboys fan when the team went 1-15, and there was a quarterback controversy between Steve Walsh and some other guy I’m having trouble remembering…oh yeah, Troy Aikman. I was a Dallas Cowboys fan when Troy Aikman led the team to three Super Bowl victories in the span of four years.  I have been at the zenith and the nadir of the fan experience.

But that’s not the point.  The point is “What influence does NFL football have on me?”  As I ponder this, the answer I get is “It whets an appetite for warfare, conquest and victory.”  If I live in a world with a collection of warring tribes, and I wish to be a unifying influence on those tribes, maybe I should be less emotionally involved in an activity where people vicariously participate in tribal warfare.


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