Certain Things Are Beyond Definition

beyond definition

It is my strong feeling that students of Steps to Knowledge will be happier with their studenthood if they are willing to accept that some things are beyond definition.

The statements made in Step 4. I Want What I Think I Know and Step 5. I Believe What I Want To Believe have a very sobering effect to be sure and require a certain amount of flexibility from a student, a willingness to face the stark truth that this is so.

I am happy to report that Step 6. I Have A True Foundation In The World found me still in the room and even still in my seat. I was willing to accept what Steps have been teaching me so far, even though my understanding may be very superficial.

And this was the thought that rested uppermost in my mind when doing this step. My notes testify to this, for I wrote: I feel as though I have a very superficial understanding so far, perhaps I have no understanding at all about what the Steps are saying.

I chose not to take this lack of understanding to heart, though, but reflected further on what might be my true foundation, taking great comfort in the following sentence: “This foundation is built upon your life beyond this world, for that is where you have come from and that is what you will return to.”

I took great comfort because these words confirmed something I already believed—that I have come into this world from somewhere and I will be returning there when I leave. And now I have the added comfort of realizing that this is where my true foundation rests. I could go even further to say that my true foundation rests in God. It rests in the spiritual part of me – not my physical body, not my thoughts, ideas and beliefs, not my hopes and desires, but the part of me that is beyond definition.

I accept that certain things are beyond definition.

My true foundation is still a concept beyond definition for me, but I have a great need for it, so I do as Step 6 suggests and ponder this question “with sincerity and with penetrating depth.” I am willing to accept that without a true foundation, my real accomplishments and advancement will be without hope. I am willing to go even further and take it as a great blessing I possess, even if it is unknown to me.

* * *

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